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Bright Eyes


Bright Eyes

The Difference in the Shades

作詞:Conor Oberst

Now that it's June, we'll sleep out in the garden
And if it rains we'll just sink in to the mud
Where it is quiet and much cooler than the house is
And there's no clocks or phones to wake us up

Because I have learned that nothing is as pressing
As the one who is pressing, would like you to believe
And I'm content to walk a little slower
Because there's nowhere that I really need to be

And I find that life is easier when it's just a blur
With no details to confuse
Who or what or where I was
So when the ending comes the full regret will seem obscure

But these are days we dream about when the sunlight paints us gold
And this apartment could not be prettier as we dance up there alone
And this TV is old the color is fucked
Do you see the difference in the shades?
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But the green is still close to green my love
And I believe we are the same

And we'll stay like this, all gold and green
The light collects and projects your heart on a movie screen
And if you close your eyes we will always be
The way we were that night you crawled inside of me

You slept in my blood the way you sleep now
The quietest hush has consumed this house
And when the doctors have gone and you sweat through the bed
With the pictures and pills they piled around your head

But just rest now
And in a moment you will know everything, was it all a dream?
It's too vague now to recount
An outline of the one you loved in a life that was that not longer will be
Stands above you as you sleep


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