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Not My Fault

(*Taryn Manning)

You know I felt much better when I had you
With me the thunder and lightning was so beautiful
But I awoke from my dream just like I always seem to
It all feels so real

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So everybody I know, they know me well
Enough to know to get close, is hard as hell
But that don't mean you shouldn't try
I really think you should try

I've tried to fight it, but now I am on my knees

It's not my fault
If I can't hold on, I'm not that strong
No, it's not my fault
Can't you just play along with me

It's been so long since we slept in the same bed
It's hard to get me alone or get inside my head
Would you prefer me to fake it and cry instead
You say it's like I'm dead

And you tried to fight it, but now you're on your knees

[Repeat Chorus:]

I find that everything I try always falls apart
Crashes and dies and
I find the strength to try again
Oh I fall to my knees, and pray to begin, oh

[Repeat Chorus: (2x)]