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Bob Mould


Bob Mould

Voices In My Head

If I decide to listen to the voices in my head
Strange hallucinations I avoid
The people and the places, the living and the dead
I cannot find the truth within the noise

Make things colder, they get stronger
Mess you down inside
Where they're two men, and I wander rough
It's a long dark ride

Now I'm very conscious of the voices in my head
That multiply and amplify the fear
I can play the victim, or get on with life instead
I'm finding resolution as they clear
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We had a final conversation
I remember that
Understanding, it's a long way back
If I decide to listen

No more time to listen to the voices in my head
I said goodbye, it's time to say farewell

To all the ghosts and demons, and all the words they said
And I decide to listen to myself