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Mary J. Blige


Mary J. Blige

Good Luvin'

Blige Mary J
All you got to do is believe baby
And trust in me
All my needs I will suffice
Give you such a perfect life

(Don't Go)
Let me touch you baby
(I can)
I'll make you feel alright
You really got it going on
Your love is
(Good down to the bone)
Oh the way the way you love me is incredible
Your loving must be heaven sent. Heaven sent

You give good luvin'
To me
You give good luvin'
To me

Put your every need first
Tonight, you dream no more
I'll make your every wish come true
Deep inside my heart __________

Relax your mind
And let me touch your soul
Caress you tenderly
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Until you loose control, all control

(Don't Go)
Let me touch you baby
(I can)
I'll make you feel alright
You really got it going on
Your love is
(Good down to the bone)
Oh the way the way you love me is incredible
Your love must be heaven sent. Heaven sent


C: Good luvin', good luvin'. Oh, baby
M: Keep on givin' me, keep on givin' me good love.
C: Your kissing
M: Your hugging... oh, baby baby
C: Good luvin' is what you give me
M: Good luvin' is what I need boy
C: I wanna give you...
M: I wanna be your joy. Your joy joy joy joy
C: Keep on givin' it. Keep on givin' it
M: Give it to me
C: And if I give it to you, would you give it back?
M: Oh yes. Oh yes I will, yes yes yes I will
C: I'll give you such a perfect live. Give you such a perfect life

Adlib until fade


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