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Joy Division

Insight (Genetic Records session)

Guess your dreams always end
They don't rise up, just descend
But I don't care anymore
I've lost the will to want more
I'm not afraid, not at all
I watch them all as they fall
But I remember
When we were young

Those with habits of waste
Their sense of style and good taste
Of makin' sure you were right
Hey, don't you know you were right?
I'm not afraid anymore
I keep my eyes on the door
But I remember

Tears of sadness for you
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More upheaval for you
Reflects a moment in time
A special moment in time
Yeah, we wasted our time
We didn't really have time
But we remember
When we were young

And all God's angels beware
And all you judges beware
Sons of chance take good care
For all the people not there
I'm not afraid anymore
I'm not afraid anymore
I'm not afraid anymore
Why, I'm not afraid anymore


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