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Let it Rain'(feat. King Tee, Tha Alkaholiks

[Judge:]'Alright, your charged with public intoxication, alright listen'
[Convict:]'There's a thousand people out who're drunk'
[Judge:]'Okay, I understand that'

[Hook: J-Ro]
We O-W in the whole zone
The Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother [3x]
Xzibit do your thing

[Verse 1: Xzibit]
You get permanently put on your ass, like Teddy Pendergrass
Whenever you trespass on Alkaholik territory (Yeah, Yeah)
More savage than any rapper on your roster
I regulate, extortin on ya R&B label mate
Xzibit rates the state
Cross me or cause me, fuck jiggy and flossy
I'm tryin to keep the government off me
Dodgin hard time and house arrest
Whatta you expect, findin' what ya never forget
Cause you're sellin wolf tickets that your ass can't pay
What I display, skill last found in Cassius Clay
In this prime time, hustle for mine
Used to nickel and dime
Doin felony crime, but now I bust mine
Instead of bustin' at enemies when the sun go down
Me and my niggas with a fat one
Smoke 'em all down to nothing
Crushin rappers, bare Witness like Jehovah
Swore we haven't been sober
Since 21 and over

[Hook: Xzibit]
We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother [4x]

We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother [2x]
Let it rain
King Tee do your thing

[Verse 2: King Tee]
When the Likwit hits my soul
I get conceptions to make the microphones explode
The drunk mode, sippin X-O from the straw
King Tee broadcaster raw
Optical intoxication, flood your video station
Scramblin any playahation
But some of these fools got tricks in they boxes
So I blocks it, pull they whole set out the socket
Tha Alkaholiks rock shit
Any which way man I got shit
The Alkaholik don, king from Babylon
With some fatal shock shit
In this district, I'm listed as the mystic majestic, I gets hectic
What you expect, shit
The Likwit comity
Believe me loc, things will get shitty
Ain't gon look pretty
Commin' from the likwidation squad
Smoke weed, drink hard, my god

[Hook: Xzibit]
We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother [4x]

We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother [2x]
Let it rain
J-Ro do your thing

[Verse 3: J-Ro]
Fuck that East-West mess
I'm gettin' rest last
We make the crowd say 'yes, yes'
Faster than the SS
Impala, you got beef than holla
My crew sticks together like Richy and Dollar
We got the boom-boom claats, shakey like Don Knots
They bitin like a room full of pits and rots
I got that old school soul
Called take it back like repo
And I got foes on my shelf like homes T-Paul
I'm C-Bo, that's my homeboy Rico
Posted up with three French bras at the need bowl
I got dressed wit the speed of a cheetah, finished up my two liter
Hopped in my 2-seater
Sunshine, drivin' down fine
Walk a 1 on 3.9
They playin oehh so fine
Got 'em on the fifth floor
Knocked at the door
Xzibit's in the house and he brought three more

'What the fuck is goin' on in here, What's happenin',
Where we drinkin' at, These my homegirls right here,
What y'all drinkin' right now, fuck that, All we got
is Hennessy'

[Hook: Xzibit]
We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother [2x]
Let it rain
Rico do your thing

[Verse 4: Rico a.k.a Tash]
And up next, we got the Likwitest
It's so drunk, it's ridiculous
When Tash got the mic,
I swing my shit like Jack Nicklaus
I'm spinnin' this with niggas that slept on Likwidation
Cause no matter where you go,
They know the reputation
CaTashtrofy I punk lyrics with spunk
I'm like the renegade of funk
That get that ?bumstick? krunk
So if you watch your ship sunkin
Fuck you with the drunken
Than come a little closer
Let me head you somethin
I bomb with a wig blowin up your click
Now take your pick, you can kiss my ass or suck my dick
Cause this is how we comin' in 1998
The Alkaholiks, X, and King Tee the great

'It's the Likwit Crew, King Tee, Mister X to the Z, Ah,ah,
Alkaholiks, Likwit motherfucker came to tore the house down'

[Hook: Xzibit]
We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit MC's on the microphone
Let it rain brother [4x]

We O-W in the whole zone
Likwit Crew is on the microphone
Let it rain brother [2x]
Let it rain
Let it rain

[Outro: Xzibit]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, huh
Won't stop, Can't stop
It's the L-I-K's
What, Mister X to the Z
What, Black John McClane
Huh, Defari Herut on ya too
King Tee, King Tipsy
Huh, and the whole fuckin' click
Yeah, realize you can't understand this shit right here
Everybody get live, yeah
Everybody get live, yeah
Uhuh, uhuh, yeah
Uhuh, uhuh, yeah
Uhuh, uhuh, yeah
Uhuh, uhuh
Keep it, what, keep it movin'

Let it reign nigga
And we out

[rain and thunder on the background]


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