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I'm Bad

作詞:Bobby Erving, Dwayne Simon, James Todd Smith

No rapper can rap quite like I can
I'll take a musclebound man and put his face in the sand
Not the last Mafioso I'm a MC cop
Make you say, 'Go L.L. and do the wop'
If you think you can out rhyme me, yeah boy I bet
'Cause I ain't met a motherfucker who can do that yet
Trend setter I'm better my rhymes are good
I got a gourmet plate that says I wish you would

And when rap begin then I gotta join in and
Before my rhyme is over you know I'm a win
Cool J has arrived so you better make way
Ask anybody in the crowd they say the kid don't play
Sparring competition that's my hobby and job
I don't wear a disguise because I don't own the mob
Got a pinpoint rap that makes you feel trapped
So many girls on my jock I think my phone here is tapped

I'm bad
Cool J, Cool J
Cool J, Co-Co-Cool J-J
Cool J
Co-Co-Cool J-J-J

I'm like Tyson icin' I'm a soldier at war
I'm makin' sure you don't try to battle me no more
Got concrete rhymes been rappin' for ten years and
Even when I'm braggin' I'm bein' sincere
MC's can't win I make 'em rust like tin
They call me Jaws my hat is like a shark's fin
Because I'm bad as can be got my voice all waxed
Some brothers think he's making records now he must have relaxed

I couldn't shouldn't and it'll stay that way
The best rapper you've heard is L.L. Cool J
Kamikaze take a look at what I've done
Used to rock in my basement now I'm number one
And can happen on time never standin' on lime
You wanna try me first you better learn how to rhyme
I'm the pinnacle that means I reign supreme
And I'm notorious I'll crush you like a jelly bean

I'm bad

I eliminate punks cut 'em up in chunks
You were souped you heard me and your ego shrunk
I'm devastating I'm so good it's a shame
'Cause I eat rappers like a cannibal they call me insane
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I'm as strong as a bull of course you know I am pull
I enjoy what I'm doing plus I'm paid in full
Not Buckaroo Bonsai but busted out as I
Say the kind of rhymes that make MC's withstand I tie

Never retire or put my mike on the shelf
The baddest rapper in the history of rap itself
Not bitter or mad just provin' I'm bad
You want a hit give me a hour plus a pen and a pad
MC's they retreat 'cause they know I can beat 'em
And eat 'em in a battle and the ref won't cheat 'em
I'm the best takin' out all rookies
So forget Oreos eat Cool J cookies

I'm bad
Cool J, Cool J
Cool J, Cool J J J
Cool J J J, Co-Cool J

Never ever no never
Never wearin' no Levis battle me why try
I'll treat you like a stepchild so tell mommy bye bye
Sparrin' MC's and I'm a never get with
When I retire I'll get worship like a old battleship

L.L. I'm bad other rappers know
When I enter the center they say, 'Yo, yo there he go'
My paycheck's large Mr. Bogart in charge
Not a puncher or hunter from a rap cool large
The original Todd teachin' how to be hard
Take the skin off a snake and split a pea from a pod
You're a novice I'm noble and I decipher my tongue
Not Atilla the Hun but no I'm Threwler his son

My vulture's exact like rack and pinion in a Jag
You try to brag you get your rhymes from a grab-bag
No good scavenger catfish vulture
My tongue's a chisel in this competition sculpture

I'm bad

Think I'm gonna need backup
Think I'm gonna need backup
What you need that for?
Yo this is L.L. Cool J
And you'll never catch me so don't even try it
I'm too bad for ya, understand
I'm bad


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