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Pa Que Me Sirve La Vida (English Translation)

What good is life for
If I don't have you anymore
What good is life for
If in the end, I already lost you

I would rather die
And not be far from you
What good is life for
What do I want it for
If I'm without you

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Today, that I already lost you
Today, that I live without you
I'm consumed by an abyss

And I don't want to live anymore
What good is life for
What do I want it for
If I'm without you


1.Como La Flor (Spanish)
2.Tu Solo Tu
3.Where Ever You Are (Dondequiéra qué estés)
6.Tu No Sabes
7.Acuerdate De Mi
9.Dame un Beso
10.Dulce Amor
11.Terco Corazon
12.Ya Se Va
13.Falling Down
15.Con Esta Copa
16.Quiero Ser
17.Contigo Quiero Estar
18.Ven Conmigo
19.God's Child (Baila Conmigo)
20.Tu Solamente Tu
21.Pa Que Me Sirve La Vida (English Translation) (修改)
22.Vuelve A Mi
23.Disco Medley # 2
24.Tú Robaste Mi Corazón (Dúo Con Emilio Navaira)
25.Tu Robaste Mi Corazon
26.Ya Lo Se Que Tu Te Vas
27.Cruzare La Montaña
28.Se Acabo Aquel Amor
29.Parece Que Va A Llover
30.Tres Veces No
31.Give Me One More Chance
32.Lo Tanto Que Te Quiero
33.Call Me
34.Buenos Amigos (Dub)
35.No Te Vayas
36.T, Slo T
37.I Will Survive/Funky Town
38.Last Dance/The Hustle/On The Radio
39.Blue Moon/We Belong Together
40.Viviras Selena
41.One More Time
42.Como La Flor/ Baila Esta Cumbia Live
43.Carcacha/Bestios Live
44.Wherever You are (Dondequiera Que Estés)
45.Tres Dé??s
46.Oldies Medley
47.Everything's Not What It Seems
48.I'm Getting Use To You
49.I Could Fall In Love With You
50.Amor Prohibido (Spoken Liner Notes)
51.Yo Te Dare
52.Porque Le Gusta Bailar Cumbia
53.Cari�o, Cari�o M�o
54.Buenos Amigos - Duet With Alvaro Torres
55.Tú Robaste Mi Corazón
56.Acu�rdate de M�
57.Puede Ser
58.Disco Medley - Pt. II/Live
59.Donde quiera que estés
60.Disco Medley (Live At Houston Astrodome)
61.Disco Medley (Live)
62.I'm Getting Used to You (Def Club Mix)
63.Missing My Baby (Extended Version)
64.Amor Prohibido (Live/1994)
65.I Could Fall in Love (album version)

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