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Point Of Grace


Point Of Grace

Living The Legacy

Words:geoff thurman & lowell alexander
music:geoff thurman & lowell alexander

My father knew it
And his before him
And it goes way back down the line
They had a vision
A prayer for the future
For what i would believe in time
Now i'm not perfect
Life's not easy
But i wouldn't take the world for what they gave me

I'm living the legacy
Walking the path that the faithful have laid down
I'm living the legacy
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Finding the hope that my fathers found
I'm standing tall when i'm on my knees
I'm living the legacy

Something in common
Deep inside me
With those before me who are gone
Give me the vision
Fills me with a passion
To make the message carry on
Now i'm not perfect
Life's not easy
But for the future's sake i'm gonna do the best i can

(repeat chorus 3 x)