The Great and the Good 歌詞 Napalm Death ※
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Napalm Death


Napalm Death

The Great and the Good

[Embury / Greenway]

Stinking to the bowels of high heaven
Creeping to the giants of status
Guarding protection of interests - not you

Not you or anything that might be misconstrued (as help)

Marching through the ashes of conquests
Slapping the backs of the empire men
Selling our consent in the process - that's you

That is you and everything you'd be reduced to do

A pledge is a pledge
But only 'til it doesn't suit your friends
The art of double-talk
Adamant on what you really meant

A pledge is a pledge is a pledge is a pledge

For lesser, the poorer
Pluck out their eyes - they offend
'Dumb' animals can't precede the lucre in barbaric tests

Big noise says jump now
The chasm is never too high or wide
The corporate slow-killer
Punished with a lenient smile

A pledge is a pledge is a pledge is a pledge

The arrogance, the hand in hands of despotic freaks that defend
An oversight where human rights fall at the fence of 'good trade'

Yes man? Always.

Drop the high and mighty facade
Do the dect thing
Consider mouthing one word of truth
Blow open the grand scheme

Yes man? Always. Yes man? Always. Yes man? Always

Drop the high and mighty facade
Do - the decent thing
Consider mouthing one word of truth
Blow open the grand scheme

A pledge is a pledge is a pledge is a pledge
The man in the bubble smiles - berates the condemned
Back to his crusade, fights off more cries of dissent.


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