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John Hiatt


John Hiatt

Is Anybody There?

Well i'm out here on my own
Followin' a star
Asking on my knees, for some direction, please,
And, god, you know that's hard

Cause i'm such a stubborn man
Lord, i'm stubborn as a mule
Even though i struggle some, i believe a change will come
And i hear you love a fool
I see a road and a flash of lightning
Let me tell you it's frightening

Is anybody there?
Oh, i need somebody tonight
To care
I'm feeling alone and it just don't seem right
Is anybody there?
Oh, i need somebody to be
To know that i'm good enough for love
To walk beside me
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And as a woman in this world
Well you must have felt like this
That a man might come along
With another hard luck song
And betray you with a kiss

But would you reconsider me
Though i know i've caused you pain
I've taken vows with you
I believe them to be true
Now can we take a little rain?

We could hit that road in a flash of lightning
Maybe it won't be so frightening

Chorus twice

I'm gonna keep on walking, baby


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