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John Hiatt


John Hiatt

Howlin' Down The Cumberland

作詞:John Hiatt

Caught like a deer in my own headlights
Frozen on this road tonight
I had a fix on the brightest star
Now I'm not sure, where you are

North is south and east is west
Where's the love that I knew best
Shifting in this icy wind
Howlin' down the Cumberland

You're in this valley that I love
Cold and far as the stars above
Do I have to wait 'til spring is here?
Just to hold you warm and near

Dead of winter, dead of night
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Not much time to make it right
I know where that lonesome sound begins
Howlin' down the Cumberland

Just a creature in the dark
Longing for one blessed spark
To burn the sky and heat the night
With love reborn by morning light

But nature doesn't heed the call
Nature just commands that's all
Now my love's a cutting wind
Howlin' down the Cumberland
Now my love's a cutting wind
Howlin' down the Cumberland


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