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Michael W. Smith


Michael W. Smith

The Promise

作詞:Michael W. Smith, Ryan Smith

Fear not, oh, Israel for there is peace still to come
A word to break the silence, a promise set to bloom
The promise to redeem us, one to free us
Break this silence in the violence in our lives

Emmanuel is sure to find us soon
The mighty rule to Jesse's star of truth
And bring us unto glory, tell His story
Heal the broken and restore thee to His name

The star will guide us to the humble place
Where Christ the King reveals His earthly face
And we will see Emmanuel, God is with us
God is for us, God is in us, we will see

We're singing Hallelujah
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We're singing Hallelujah
Emmanuel, our God is with us

We're singing Hallelujah
We're singing Hallelujah
Emmanuel, our God is with us

We're singing Hallelujah
We're singing Hallelujah
Emmanuel, our God is with us

We're singing Hallelujah
We're singing Hallelujah
Emmanuel, our God is with us

Emmanuel, our God is with us


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