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Matt Goss


Matt Goss

We Can't Lose

Another day, another fight
Arguing who's wrong or right
It always ends the same but my life
Without you I feel a chill
Can't live without each other still
Hey I don't care, I'll take the blame
But I can't turn my back on you
An if I listen to your words you feel the same way too
And if a soul mate does exist I know it's you

We can't lose what we had
Our memories sustain me, yeah
They're the only things I have
We must choose to stay and not move on
We've been crying way too long, way too long

No you don't need to say a thing
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Your tears that fall say everything
Take my hand, close your eyes
Remember all the things that make us lauh
All the good times that we had
Let's not focus on the bad
Sometimes love gets disconnected
But we must care enough to redirect it
I can't lose the soul mate that I found in you

We've both said things that we're not too proud of
Let's stop and not discount that
But time, time can't, it can't right the wrongs
If I could, I would wait a lifetime
But neither one of us can hold our breath that long
But if a soul mate does exist I know it's you