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Dolly Parton


Dolly Parton

Stay Out Of My Bedroom

Verse 2:

If you want it, come and get it, baby
Satisfaction guaranteed
I'm a pleaser, free and eager
I ain't never had as much fun as i need
Easy lovin', that's down my alley
I may be easy but, at least i'm cheap
Stay out of my bedroom, baby
Baby, if you can't take the heat

Stay out of
Stay out of
You're dealin' with some hot stuff
Baby, can you deal with the heat?


We might burn on forever, we might burn on tonight
Where there's smoke there is fire from the flames that i ignite
The heat is intense when the fire's blazin' high
Slavin' over all those red hot lovers at night

If you come to my bedroom the heart of the heat
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I will pleasure your body in sheer ecstasy
I will touch you in places no one else ever reached
Till you won't remember anybody else but me

3rd verse :

If you want it come and get it
If it burns you don't come cryin' to me
Don't come knockin' on my door
Baby, if you can't take the heat
Don't be peepin' through my window
If you don't appreciate what you see
Stay out of my bedroom, baby
Baby, if you can't take the heat


Stay out of, stay out of
You're dealin' with some hot stuff
Baby, can you deal with the heat?
Stay out of my bedroom...
If you can't take it, stay out of my bedroom


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