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Big Pun


Big Pun

It's So Hard (featuring Donell Jones)

You can catch me in the cherry red one-fifty
Got the grizzy locked in the stizzy
Pop the clizzy goin sixty down a one-wizzy
Drunk pissy, tryin to cruise through the avenue
While my peoples is poppin bottles up in Sue's rendevous
Fuck that, spun the U-ey lost a hubcap
It's back to the shack - came back in a 'What's that?'
Straight from Paris, checkin Gaby's new baby carriage
Perry Ellis, auburn cherry reddish
Fresh out the dealer, got the Tec for the squealers
Wear a vest for the killers, nuttin lesscause it's reala
In the Big Apple, where it's quick to get your shit tackled
Enemies spit at you, best friends kidnap you
Trust no one (eh eh) got beef bust yo' gun
You don't need no one (nope) talkin' bout that you owe him
I'mma go for dolo; Scarface without Manolo
One deep, I be solo, bustin' heat, throwin' bolos, it's hard
(And it's so hard, yeah)

Niggas wanna be like Pun, but they don't bust they guns
And it's so hard
Niggas wanna fuck my wife, niggas wanna take my life
But it's so hard

It's hard work baby
I just lost a hundred pounds, I'm tryin to live
I ain't goin' nowhere
I'm stayin alive baby
That's my wife, I paid for them titties
Get your own, YOUR OWN, ya heard?

Niggas wanna fuck my wife, niggas wanna take my life
But it's so haaaaaard

Rollin with the Squad, we like Gods
Catch us at the bar-de-bar-de-bars
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Strip bars in Miami, almost came home with the Grammy
Next year, bringing home three for the family
Watch me, you can catch it live on the Hitachi
Poppin shit like a Nazi, iced out like DeBiase
Fuck that, Liberace
Fo'-X Versace, somebody stop me!
Never that, SKEE-YU! Where my niggas at?
Uptown! Uptown! You know you feelin that
Cash Rule, hardcore you can dance to
That old Biggie give me, Onnne More Chaaaaance
Take a glance and I'm off with yours
With both hands take off my drawers
And jerk me like the Source Awards
I love hip-hop, I ain't even probably the best lyricist alive
Terror Squad nigga stop sleepin, ooh yeah

What you say your name was again
And I know you from where? Elementary school?
I don't know you MAN!
Money, not you again, go that way

Niggas wanna be like Pun, but they don't bust they guns
And it's so haaaaaard
Niggas wanna fuck my wife, niggas wanna take my life
But it's so haaaaaard

Yeah, you ain't fucking my wife, takin' my life
And if you just hatin' just walk on by
All you haters just walk on by
See me and Big Pun be rolling
Schemin' on you and yo homie
Better just walk on by, while we role back and talk for a while
And to the Boricuas, stay up, stay up, stay up
And to all my homies, you gotta know what's up


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