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Big Pun


Big Pun

Classic Verses

作詞:K Iffil, R Lemay, C Rios, E Shaw

Yo, my squad is honored like Elijah Muhammad
But I'm God-retarded, ain't no righteousness in this heart of violence
Hard as diamond but I'm in the ruff, listen up
If you ever see me with the Feds you can bet it's in the cuffs

Ain't no snitch in us, bitch in us
Unofficialness, everything we outside you wish you was
Official thugs in the drug profession
Drug connections, drug addictions

Still seein' the judge for drug possession
The four-D's, all these is more reas'
To either get big or leave and let live
We the best there is T.S., ain't nobody else

We probably Dove 'cause we all way on top of the shelf
I'm lockin' your wealth with the master keys, freeze
Don't try to breeze or I'ma squeeze
And blast the back of your knees

Just pass the cheese, please don't test the toaster
My tech'll roast ya body faster than Ferrari's Testarossa
You're gettin' closer to death
Reaper's got a hold on your breath

You goin' straight to hell as you sell your soul for your flesh
You was posin' a threat, now you froze in the bed
Minute ago, you was poppin' shit, holdin' ya dick
Now what's the problem, you ain't nuttin'

Like you said on your album
I thought you was wildin', bustin'
Your guns and runnin' the island
You was't violent, you was silent

Tryin' to get college credits
How pathetic, did it to get out of the calisthetics?
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I'm Dianetics combined with lyrics
My matureness is my insurance

Kill my appearance, I'm a shinin' spirit
You gotta fear it 'cause every last gem is poison
You gotta cheer it, you can't win you better join 'em
I'm head-annointin' niggas like the Holy Gospel

I'm the only vato loco to smoke you with fire-blowin' nostrils
Watch for the toast, when you see it, you better draw yours
Warlords, callin' The Giant, it's all yours

Fuck all y'all non-believers; I roll with God
The Squad and T.S., out with the B.S., we platinum
They even doubted Jesus, niggas is 85%, I'm 400 solid
Brain-bolic with knowledge, cock-diesel scholars

Holdin' it down, walkin' around with gold by the pound
Frozen and drowned with diamond boulders all in the crown
Talk of the town, soakin' you down wit toast 'til you drown
Ghost you and pound your corpse with a force that'll open the ground

Save the jokes for the clowns, I'm on the serious tip
You keep playin' and I get furious quick
And now I take you for a walk through the ghetto
Either spark your metal or get outlined in chalk by the devil

I rep the borough that mothered this rap shit, I used to clap shit
Now I just lay back and mack on some mack shit
I used to have to pack a mac in back of the Acura
Now I relax and stack platinum plaques in my shack

It's like that, but don't think I won't counter act
My niggaz is strapped and quick to lay a bitch on his back
I'm swift with the mac, quicker than Kung Fu
With the reflexes of a cat, and the speed of a mongoose


Big Pun
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3.That's How We Roll
4.We could do it
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7.Piña Colada
8.Whatcha Gon Do
9.Super Lyrical'(feat. Black Thought
10.Still Not A Player'(feat. Joe
11.Punish Me'(feat. Miss Jones
12.Caribbean Connection'(feat. Wyclef Jean
13.Glamour Life'(feat. Fat Joe, Terror Squad
14.Capital Punishment'(feat. Prospect
15.Uncensored'(feat. Funkmaster Flex
16.Twinz (Deep Cover '98)'(feat. Fat Joe
17.You Came Up'(feat. Noreaga
18.Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy)'(feat. Prodigy, Inspektah Deck
19.Parental Discretion'(feat. Busta Rhymes
20.Off Wit His Head'(feat. Prospect
21.It's So Hard'(feat. Donell Jones
22.We Don't Care'(feat. Cuban Link
23.New York Giants'(feat. M.O.P.
24.My Dick'(feat. Tony Sunshine
25.100%'(feat. Tony Sunshine
26.Wrong Ones'(feat. SunKiss
27.Laughing At You'(feat. Tony Sunshine
28.Ms. Martin'(feat. Remi Martin
29.You Was Wrong'(feat. Drag-On, Fat Joe, Remi Martin
30.How We Roll'(feat. Ashanti
31.Mama'(feat. Tony Sunshine
32.Brave In The Heart'(feat. Terror Squad
33.Top Of The World (Remix)'(feat. Brandy, Fat Joe
34.Livin' La Vida Loca (Remix)'(feat. Ricky Martin, Fat Joe, Cuban Link
35.Fire Water'(feat. Fat Joe, Armageddon, Raekwon
36.Classic Verses Medley: Drop It Heavy / Fantastic 4'(feat. DJ Clue
37.Freestyle'(feat. Remy Martin
38.Wishful Thinking'(feat. Fat Joe, Kool G Rap, B Real
39.Sex, Money & Drugs'(feat. Next
40.Classic Verses Medley Drop It Heavy (Fantastic 4)
41.Livin' La Vida Loca (Remix)
43.Tres Leaches
44.Still Not A Playa
45.Classic Verses (修改)
46.Banned From T.V
47.Top Of The World
48.Off With His Head
49.Caribbean Connection
51.Freestyle With Remy Martin
52.It's So Hard (featuring Donell Jones)
53.I'm Not a Player (instrumental)
54.Pakinamac Pt. II - Skit
55.Leatherface (Baghira remix)
56.Off Wit His Head (featuring Prospect) - Explict
57.We Don't Care (featuring Cuban Link)

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