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Feet Up On The Table

作詞:Edwin M Hayes Jr., Victor Wallen

Hey dude, you want me to start like four bars up in this shit
(Yeah nigga, what you got dick on your mind or something?)
Aw nigga, fuck you

Hey pussy, listen, you're hearing aid'll be his ass whipping
Pussy, you're rhyme keeps on slipping
Go home and gets to trippin'
Pussy, I slow your row with that tampon
Your flow be misthrown

Come up out that couch and plant my flag in your neighborhood
You got cable, I'm leaving toenail clippings on your table

Now I break lots of crews up
Who cruise up like they got big nuts
What I dig up gets
Big ups and also blow some wigs up

Get up for the beat down
I'm taking your seat now
Relaxing my feet up on the coffee table
While I floss me labels fool

I got what the fuck you need and more
I'll kick in your door, dammit then slam it behind me
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You'll find me in the bedroom where your kids is at
I tell 'em that their daddy's gonna die

Then give 'em smacks and get some stacks
And hit the sofa with a loaf
Of bread and some chicken backs
Feet up on the table and your woman in my lap

Blast off, lift off, wanna twist off the cap
The love of my life is the rap
The love of your life in my lap
Leap if you're feeling lucky

My speech [unverified]Kermit
You're walking that style with no leash
Do you have a permit?
Cut it out like some scissors

Get rollin' like Twizzlers sweets
Drivin' a big blue up the streets
Bumpin' helluva beats through your weak butt
Me, I gotta maintain my rep, wake up you slept

Lucky to get slapped, I should have just broke your neck
Got juice like in a dream, blow up like gasoline when it's lit
You battle him and you battle them but I really don't give a shit