Living My Life 歌詞 Cam'ron ※
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Living My Life

[Verse 1]
Yeah, niggaz wanna wrap the roca, nah
Bag, slag, wrap the roster, back the block up
Cop killers, clap at coppers, blast at choppers
Pass the vodka, listen, don't ever mention Dash or
Hova, it's a Harlem thing dog, you'll clash with
Mobsters (uptown), remember me? Got jumped on TNT
(What's beef?) next week, back pump TNT (What's beef?)
All my niggaz got M-16s kid, and all we do is watch
MTV cribs, learn not to in fury the victim, purially
Stick 'em, break through your security system (KILLA)
Stop frontin', you was never a menace, never a hustla
NO, we could never do business, business is business
Money is money, hustle is hustle, stupid is stupid
You da dumbest of dummies (Killa)

Leave me alone, let me just live my life, ah
Just leave me alone, leave me alone, let me just live
My life ah, that's the sound of the police

[Verse 2]
All I do every day dog, blunt after blunt
Stunt after stunt, they all ?? after ??
Like that I'm Shiesty, look at my shoes, like my Nikes
Know that I got a girl, like my wifey, like that
I'm rude, come here, let me pick with your chest
Dick on your breast, all they say 'That nigga's a mess'
You heard me fam? All worthy of this dirty man
Take it in your ass? How about 30 grams ma'?
Go upstate, come back downstate, next time around me
You might get a POUNDCAKE, (screw that bitch)
Fuck it up, she understand that I might slap her
I'll me damned if I work for some white cracker (shit)
White batter, prize in the pack, fiends love
They hug it, call it Cracker Jacks, KILLA
Where the crack is at, watch me get dem dice
Throw 'em on, let me live my life

Leave me alone, let me just live my life, ah
Just leave me alone, leave me alone, let me just live
My life ah, that's the sound of the police

[Verse 3]
Fuck life as a rap star, you dealing with crack gods
Cookin' the crack hard, lead the crack jars
All of the chips, the crib with the backyard
Pull out the gat pa, a bar, and black cars
And I'm scary with the 5th, compare me to a gift
Yellow diamonds, ganerrie on my wrist, just juice
Get wet up and waive, that'll be the day, killa cam
Mess up some yeah (shiiiiit), thug niggaz be on point
And game time, cop a brick, and re-up in the same night
And to get that trife, I flick that knife, doggy dog
Let me live my life

Leave me alone, let me just live my liFe, ah
Just leave me alone, leave me alone, let me just live
My life ah, that's the sound of the police

The block is hot, niggaz tell me to feel it
Know when I get out they gon feel it
Witness the realest


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