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Bruce Springsteen


Bruce Springsteen

Johnny 99 (Giants Stadium, 8/19/85)


Bruce Springsteen
1.You Can Look (but you better not touch) (Nassau Co(提供)
2.Evacuation Of The West (a.k.a. No More Kings in Te(提供)
3.Family Song (a.k.a. California or California, Y(提供)
4.4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (Nassau Coliseum,(提供)
5.Adam Raised A Cain (Roxy, 7/7/78)(提供)
6.Backstreets (Roxy, 7/7/78)(提供)
7.Badlands (Arizona State University, 11/5/80)(提供)
8.Because The Night (Nassau Coliseum, 12/28/80)(提供)
9.Bobby Jean (Giants Stadium, 8/21/85)(提供)
10.Born In The USA (LA Coliseum, 9/30/85)
11.Born To Run (Giants Stadium, 8/19/85)
12.Cadillac Ranch (Meadowlands Arena, 7/6/81)(提供)
13.Candy's Room (Meadowlands Arena, 7/8/81)(提供)
14.Cover Me (LA Coliseum, 9/30/85)(提供)
15.Darkness On The Edge Of Town (Nassau Coliseum, 12(提供)
16.Darlington County (LA Coliseum, 9/30/85)(提供)
17.Fire (Winterland, 12/16/78)(提供)
18.Growin' Up (Roxy, 7/7/78)(提供)
19.Hungry Heart (Nassau Coliseum, 12/18/80)(提供)
20.I'm On Fire (Giants Stadium, 8/19/85)(提供)
21.Independence Day (Meadowlands Arena, 7/6/81)(提供)
22.It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City (Roxy, 7/7/78)(提供)
23.Jersey Girl (Meadowlands Arena, 7/9/81)(提供)
24.Johnny 99 (Giants Stadium, 8/19/85) (提供)
25.My Hometown (LA Coliseum, 9/30/85)(提供)
26.Nebraska (Meadowlands Arena, 8/6/84)(提供)
27.No Surrender (Meadowlands Arena, 8/6/84) (Born in(提供)
28.Paradise By The 'C' (Roxy, 7/7/78)(提供)
29.Racing In The Street (Meadowlands Arena, 7/6/81)(提供)
30.Raise Your Hand (Roxy, 7/7/78)(提供)
31.Reason To Believe (Meadowlands Arena, 8/19/84)(提供)
32.Rosalita (come out toninght) (Roxy, 7/7/78)(提供)
33.Seeds (LA Coliseum, 9/30/85)(提供)
34.Spirit In The Night (Roxy, 7/7/78)(提供)
35.Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (Meadowlands Arena, 8/20/8(提供)
36.The Promised Land (LA Coliseum, 9/30/85)(提供)
37.The River (LA Coliseum, 9/30/85)(提供)
38.This Land is Your Land (Nassau Coliseum, 12/28/80)(提供)
39.Thunder Road (Roxy, 10/18/75)(提供)
40.Two Hearts (Meadowlands Arena, 7/8/81)(提供)
41.War (LA Coliseum, 9/30/85)(提供)
42.Working On The Highway (Giants Stadium, 8/19/85)(提供)

Falling You Get My Body Moved Stress I've Been Here Thousands Time Let Down Leave Journey Journey Someone Special Moto Soko Heart Of Worship Kung Di Rin Sa Huli M Still Standing Carry It On Take A Hint Your The Reason Of Happiness Christina Aguilera Change I Remember The Breeze Hahahahha Sos Crazy Whatever You Can Do Rather Be A Has Been