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Missy Elliott


Missy Elliott

Dont Be Commin' (in My Face)

[Verse One:]

You never know a good thing till I'm gone
You spending many, many nights home alone
You won't be seing me around your way
No, No
And if you don't get it together
Baby I can't stay


Don't be commin' in my face
Tryin to tell me you love me
You shoulda thought once or twice
Sacrifice and make it right
It's the thing that you do
Make me not love you
Go this way and you'll see
Get no other love like me

[Verse Two:]

You never know I'm for real till I leave
And when I pack up my clothes don't be calling me
You won't be seing me
No, no
Cause when I'm long, long gone
I won't be back in this door


[Verse Three:]

To my east side people to my west side
To all my bitches who sat home crying
Over these niggas and over these fellows
Shake em off like Jello
To my east side people to my west side
To all my bitches who sat home crying
Over these niggas and over these fellows
Shake em off like Jello


[Verse Four:]

I used to stick closer to your side then a beeper
Till you smoked that cheaper reefer
Now you loony as fita, cheddar
Don't say a word
Yep I got tha word
Yeah I heard it from a little bird
Now I'm out the door
My four four
You don't know?
Get your bags and your things take the door
Don't take this shit no more
When you leave
You can leave out the back door

[Missy Talking:]

Stupid niggas
Who always think they can play somebody
Ya'll know who ya'll are
Tryin to run about 3-4-5 women at one time
Now you wanna come back all in our faces
Tellin me how much you love me and all that bullshit
Whatever man
Fuck you
Alright, I'm out


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