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Ella Fitzgerald


Ella Fitzgerald

Have You Met Miss Jones?

It happened, I felt it happened
I was awake, I wasn't blind
I didn't think, I felt it happened

Now I believe in matter over mind
And now you see we mustn't wait
The nearest moment that we marry is too late

'Have you met Sir Jones?'
Someone said, as we shook hands
He was just Sir Jones to me

Then I said, 'Sir Jones
You're a boy who understands
I'm a girl who must be free'

And all at once I lost my breath
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And all at once was scared to death
And all at once I owned the earth and sky

Now I met Sir Jones
And we'll keep on meeting till we die
Sir Jones and I

And all at once I lost my breath
And all at once was scared to death
And all at once I owned the earth and sky

Now I met Sir Jones
And we'll keep on meeting till we die
Sir Jones and I


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