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Charlotte Church


Charlotte Church

Would I Know


Waited for the right one to find me
Wondered when the right one would come, would i
Would i see him that instant i see him, and i
And my hearts found that one

Would I know
If he was right here beside, would i see
If he was infront of me, would i feel
Somthing inside that would let me know
That its right, that its real, would i see
Would i know

(Verse 2)
Waited for the right eyes to see me
Reaching for the right arms to hold, would i
Would i know i was just getting further, would i
Know when im getting close

Would I know
If he was standing beside, would i see
If he was the one for me, would i feel
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Something inside that would let me know
That its right, that its real, would i see
Could i trust what i feel
Would i knoooow

Would I see the one that i have signs for
Would i feel from that feeling inside
Would i know from inside of my soul
Would i knoooow
Now that i knoooow

Something inside that lets me knoe
That its right, that its real, i can see
Now i know


Something inside that lets me know
That its right, that its real, i can see
I can trust what i feel
Now i know

Waited for the right one to find meee...


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