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In The Flesh


Darling, darling, darling, I can't wait to see you
Your picture ain't enough
I can't wait to touch you, in the flesh
Darling, darling, darling, I can't wait to hear you
Remembering your love, is nothing without you in the flesh
Went walking one day on the lower east side
Met you with a girlfriend
You were so divine
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She said; 'Hands off this one sweetie, this boy is mine'
I couldn't resist you
I'm not deaf dumb and blind
Darling, darling, darling, now you're out of town
Those girls that you run with, they bring my head down
Darling, darling, darling, watch out if I see you
'Cause if you say hello It'll mean you wanna see me in the flesh
Ooh warm and soft in the flesh
Ooh close and hot in the flesh


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