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Essex Dogs (Includes 'Interlude') - 2012 Remastered Version

I remember thinkin' murder in the car
Watching dogs somersault through sprinklers on tiny lawns
I remember the graffiti, we are your children coming in with spray cans of paint
I remember the sunset and the plains of cement
And the way the night seems to turn the color of orangeade

In this town cellular phones are hot with thieves (teens)
In this town we all go to terminal pubs
It helps us sweat out those angry bits of life
From this town, the English Army grind their teeth into glass
You know you'll get a kicking tonight
Smell of puke and piss
Smell of puke and piss on your stilettos
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Here comes that panic attack
My heart stops, then it starts
Give me a drink
I'll drink your round
I take you round the pole
It's cold up here (I see the universe waiting by a minibus)
You'll catch the flu or you'll catch the city
either way, you'll catch the flu
or you'll catch the city


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