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Rod Stewart

I Wouldn't Ever Change A Thing

Lyrics:Rod Stewart
Music:Rod Stewart

I wouldn't change a thing if I could live it all again

Ah listen
It's funny you know when you sit down
and think about what you had
About the friends you used to know
What happened, where did they all go
Can you remember happy hours
spent drinkin' and thinkin'
We thought we could change the world
And we never, never, never, never, never
never thought we could get much older then

We were the ones who loved to love the right to love
We'd bring it on home with the right song
played at the right time
What happened to the girl that you loved once and left
young man did you break her heart
Did she live, and did she marry,
did she ever think on your face again
Ah now hold on a minute

I wouldn't change a thing if I could live it all again
Ah yeah

I think what you say is all so right
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but I find it hard to jog my memories
Don't worry Lou you may never get another chance yeah

Yes I think what you say is all so right
but I find it hard to move my memories
Say it again with a lot more feelin'

And I think what you say is all so right
but I find it hard to find my memories
Don't sing so serious you make me feel so sad

But if I was true to myself
I would probably find it was a tear in my eye
that stopped me from believing you
Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry don't worry

You know my tongue gets tired
when I think back on all of the things we do
But I wonder if I'll remember these few precious things
as years pass me by
Ah when young bodies that've grown older
and mind's become dimmer
I'll point the finger back in time

I said I wouldn't change a thing if I could
if I could, if I could live it all again, yeah


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