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Enrique Iglesias


Enrique Iglesias


If you're feelin' like you want it, baby
Give you somethin' we can both go crazy
I get the feelin' when I look at you
There is nothin' that you wouldn't do

You're the kinda girl I dream about
Electric eyes and a big mouth
Turn me on, I'll turn you inside out
By the end of the night I'll be with you
Ay, there's no hurry, baby, take your time
Ay, I'm not giving up until you're mine

Oyeme, touch you here
I'll touch you there
Oyeme, I want to touch you everywhere
Oyeme, lets just take it all the way
Oyeme, oyeme

In the quiet of a darkened room
Under the influence of your perfume
There is nothin' that I wouldn't do
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Let me keep you up all through the night

Ay, there's somethin' in your eyes
I can't describe
Ay, I'm not given until you're mine
Oyeme, touch you here
I'll touch you there
Oyeme, I want to touch you everywhere

Oyeme, you're so beautiful I swear
Oyeme, oyeme
Oyeme, listen to the words I say
Oyeme, let's just take it all the way
Oyeme, till the night becomes the day
Oyeme, oyeme

Ay, there's no hurry, baby, take your time
Ay, I'm not giving up until you're mine


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