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Because We Are In Love (The Wedding Song)

Written:Richard Carpenter/John Bettis

It was more fun to be children
We just took life as it happened
Run thru the days
Don't look behind
Over wink of an eye and it's over
What a surprise to discover
We were people ourselves
What kind of people did we want to be
No answer ever come to me.

I didn't sleep at all last night
Mom, I've come to you like yesterday
About today
Hon, come and sit by my side
Listen to me
Words come so hard
But what my hear says
I will give you.

Because you are in love
Your eyes begin to open
As is you had awoken from a sleep
Because you are in love
You use imagination
And lose you concentration
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When someone drops his name
You're back in his arms as always
Your day - dreams work out that way
It's all just a trick you mind plays
The more love grows
The more it stays the same

(Same little girl who's frightened)
But I love him so
(Same little girl who's sure)
That she loves him so
(Sees with a woman's vision knows what a woman knows)

Because we are in love
We've reach for our tomorrow's
And know we won't be lonely
In laugher and in sorrows
Where love abides
There is the place we'll keep our home forever
You and I
Because we are in love.
Where love abides
There is the place we'll keep our home forever
You and I
Because we are in love.


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