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Only You

Only you
Only you
Only you, you, you, only you
Only you
Only you
Only you, you, you, only you
Only you
Only you
Only you, you, you, only you
Only you
Only you
Only you, you, you, only you

We thank you, father in heaven
Who sings all young songs of love
Let us bow before the Messiah
Jesus, save us from the darkness of human hearts
Help us to understand the purpose of Your pain and suffering
Help us to see the beauty of the least of Thy creatures
Impart on us thy infinitely complex mercy
And limit the trespassers!

Only you
Only you
Only you, you, you, only you
Only you
Only you
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Only you, you, you, only you

Through the pain and anguish
Bring those who bear hate closer to Thy gentle creation
Reach out ,o Lord, in Thy holy mercy,
And catch this innocent young girl,
The loveliest of Thy peoples
She cried out in the long dark night of her soul
And we who love her on this earth
Can neither hear nor understand!
Only you, o God!
Only You can once again present to her
The warmth of a joyous life,
An innocent world,
A sunshine of laughter,
And the grace of Jesus Christ!
Only You!

Only you
Only you
Only you, you, you, only you
Only you
Only you
Only you, you, you, only you


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