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Use Me

Use me, I'm beautiful
Take me, I'm yours
Hurt me, it feels like medicine
And all I deserve

People have funny things
Swimming inside
They swing like pendulums
They turn like the tides

Darling, I don't need money
I could be happy
With someone to love

Oh, what a crazy time
I've been a fool
On a wild ride to oblivion
I lost my mind

But with you it's understood
You make me feel strong
Your arms look so powerful
When they hold me down

Darling, I don't need money
I could be happy
With someone to love

Everyone looks dangerous
And no one keeps their promises
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And I am always running
And you have your dark places

Regretting, feeling
Remembering something

We never said
We wish, we said

We should have said
We could've said

Truly, I don't need money
Or strangers to love me
No diamonds and pearls
Or fast cars designed for the rock stars

I could be happy
With someone to trust
Someone to love, someone to trust

Use me, I'm beautiful
Take me, I'm yours


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