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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Janet Jackson珍藏(The Best)Any Time, Any Place(無論何時何地)

Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson

Any Time, Any Place(無論何時何地)

In the thundering rain
you stare into my eyes
I can feel your hand moving up my thighs
skirt around my waist
wall against my face
I can feel your lips

I dont wanna stop just because
people walkin'by watchin'us
I dont give a damn what they think
I want you now
I dont wanna stop just because
you feel so good inside of my love
I'm not gonna stop no no no
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I want you all I wanna say is

Anytime,anyplace I don't care who's around
anytime,and any place I don't care who's around

Dancing on the floor
feelin' the slow groove
my mind is starting to burn
with forbidden thoughts
strangers all around
with the lights down low
I was thinking maybe we could...well you know


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