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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Janet Jackson珍藏(The Best)Alright(我心所願)

Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson


Seeing that your love's true
Never I'll doubt you
My heart belongs to you
That's alright with me
Worlds could end around me
So in love that I can't see
You and me were meant to be
That's alright with me

Friends come and friends may go
My friend, you're real I know
True self you have shown
You're alright with me
Thru thick and thick to thin
I'll love you till the end
You know it's true my friend
You're alright with me
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Catch a fallin' star that shines
Make a wish clap 3 times
Dreams come true it's in the mind
That's alright with me
Your wish is my command
Never thought I'd fall in love again
Again with my best friend
That's alright with me

Always and everlasting
This love is just not passing
We're happy as can be
Alright with me


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