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Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson


作詞:Janet Jackson
作曲:Janet Jackson

As I was walking by
Saw you standing there
With a smile

Looking shy
You caught my eye
Thought you'd want to hang
For a while

Well I'd like to be with you
And you know it's Friday too
I hope you can find the time
This weekend to relax and unwind

My mind's tired
I've worked so hard all week
Cashed my check
I'm ready to go
I promise you
I'll show you such a good time

Come on baby let's get away
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Let's save our troubles for another day
Come go with me we've got it made
Let me take you on an escapade(let's go)

Escapade we'll have a good time
Escapade leave our worries behind
Escapade you can be mind
Escapade an escapade
So don't hold back
Just have a good time
We'll make the rules up
As we go along
And break them all
If we're not having fun

My mind's tired I've worked
So hard all
Worked so hard all week
I just got paid, we've got it made
Ready to go
I promise you'll shoe you
Such a good time


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