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Whitney Houston


Whitney Houston

We Didn't Know

I'm Your Baby Tonight
We Didn't Know
We didn't know we didn't know
Since I don't know when
We've been only friends
No more but no less
Our friendship we had at best
A voice to console
An ear to confide
That someone you tell
Your deepest of feelings inside

But we didn't know
When we held each other
It would feel so right
We didn't know
On that night we'd be falling in love
I looked at you
You looked at me
In ways we never thought we would be
But like tomorrow's today's mystery
We didn't know

Be it big, be it small
On you I could call
Nothing but to ask
You'd be right there in a flash

A hand I could hold
That friend I could trust
But the love that we shared
Was just platonic between us

Repeat Chorus
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That's what happens
When innocent friends
Turn serious lovers
And we're so happy that
We've fallen in love
And still can be best of friends

When they'd break your heart
And when they'd make you cry
We both would confer
You should give love one more try

We've searched everywhere
For true love to find
Yet who'd think it was us
That we were longing for all the time

Cause we didn't know
When we held each other
It would feel so right
We didn't know
On that night we'd be falling in love
I looked at you
And you looked at me
In ways we never thought
We would be
But just like the future
No one can see
We didn't know

Repeat Chorus


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