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Barbra Streisand


Barbra Streisand

Will He Like Me?

Will he like me when we meet?
Will the shy and quiet girl he's going to see
Be the girl the he's imagined me to be?
Will he like me?
Will he like the girl he sees?
If he doesn't, will he know enough to know?
That there's more of me than I may always show,
Will he like me?
Will he know that there's a world of love
Waiting to warm him?
How I'm hoping that his eyes and ears
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Won't misinform him
Will he like me, who can say?
Oh, this evening seems a million years away
It's insanity to worry so all day
I'll try not to
Will he like me?
He's just got to
Will he like me?
He's just got to


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