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Steppin' Out

You go where you want do what you please
Never let on, not even once
That you've ever been lonely
It's nice to see you alone
Are you looking for something
Maybe you ain't gettin' at home

Your hair is in place dressing to kill
Your old man has said that when he dies
He will leave you his money
And the pool where you swim
Are you looking for something
Maybe you ain't gettin' from him

Steppin' out, steppin' out
To get a little action on the side
Steppin' out, steppin' out
The day time queen takes a midnight ride
And it's plain as plain could be
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You're a woman who wants to be free
So if you're steppin' out tonight honey
Come on and step out with me

The party's a bore, it's bound to get worse
Let's slip out somewhere and engage
In our own celebration
Let me pour you some wine
Are you thinking maybe baby
Your needs are the same as mine

Let's go for a walk, go for a ride
Or maybe just stand here and think
What we can do to eachother
No we don't have to dance
If you're thinking of stepping out
Honey this is your chance


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