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Ace Of Base

Valuz vous danser

I knew you before about five years ago
then you seemed to be like a person
who didnt act like the people i knew
yes something was special about you
a bit insecure but still kind of cute
at the same time easy to talk to
and now I see you again
and youre looking so good
voulez-vous danser
a avec moi
a voulez-vous danser

I look in the mirror and what do I see
youre the same kind of person youre like me
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and I cant run away Im so attracted by you

voulez-vous danser
a avec moi
a no more hesitation
youre what Ive been searching for
so stay close to me
I want to give you a better life
Iamour eternel
Iamour eternel
voulez-vous danser
avec moi ce soir


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