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Aaron Carter


Aaron Carter

Younge Hearts Run Free

{On lusty gentlemen}

Young hearts ?
Run free?
Never get hung up
{Like my man and me…}
{Hung up} like my man and me?
{Like my man and me}

Run free?

Young hearts run free
Never be hung up like my man and me
{Like my man and me}
Young hearts
To your selves be true
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Don't be no fool lovin?me darlin?you
{I said Lovin?me darlin?you}
What's the sense of sharing?
This on and only life
Ending up another lost and lonely life
You count up the years and they'll be filled with tears
I say I wanna live a hundred times a day
It's easier said then done
I just can't break away {faded}
{Italian man singing an opera song}

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