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Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey

I Still Believe (Damizza Remix)

Mariah Carey F/ Da Brat, Krayzie Bone
Baby, I still believe (still believe)
And it's more than my imagination
It's so real I know we're gonna be together

If you still believe (still believe)
Fine, everything you're searchin' for, maybe more

Well, boy, you seem to be lost in uncertainty
But when you wake up feelin' wrong, you shoulda never let it go

Well, baby, it always been sure (sure)
I just wasn't too certain just what (?) the Real McCoy

And after all this time, you look into my eyes
And everything is still the same
My love for you will fade away

Baby, I still believe
And it's more than my imagination
It's so real, I know we're gonna be together
Baby, I had a dream
And it's more than my imagination
Because I still believe we belong together

I'm still a believer of this, so STOP
Just listen and look into my eyes
I want you to visualize and realize
They say that it never been too easy
Being Krayzie, Mo
To bitches that runnin' outta there with that persuasion
Runnin' up in my brain
Won't go insane
I figure that's why they call me Krayzie
Cuz I still maintain
We gonna struggle through all them hard times
And I can tell you that peace and happiness is hard to find
C'mon, we can get there
I'm not trying to make excuses or reasons
But these demons got me seeing things that's really misleading me
Baby, that's just my life
Baby, I'm just a thug, cold hearted
But I can feel the love
Just keep the faith, and don't break it
Shake all the players and haters
And next thing we will make it
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And I say 'Yeah' and 'Uh huh'
You got to believe it (you got to believe)
You got to believe

Baby, I still believe (no matter)
And it's more than my imagination (no matter what they say)
It's so real I know we're gonna be together
(no matter, no matter what they say)
Baby, I had a dream (no matter)
And it's more than my imagination (no matter what they say)
Because I still believe we belong together
(no matter, no matter what they say)

If you wanna be with me (if you want)
Think about our love (to do it)
Nothing could be closer (until we come)
If we don't believe in it (let's do it)

Da Brat:
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, UGH!
I know you be missin' every bit of the feelin'
You get when you use to hit this shit
Cuz can't nobody fuck like me (heh heh)
They ownin' my business
And vicious lies can lead
To innocent victims losing their lives for greed
Paparazzi invading my privacy
Obviously, it's prophecy
Ain't no Article that can stoppin' me (you can't stop)
And even if my label drop me
I'ma still sell copies
I'm So So phenomenonal Def
Most know me for leaving bullet holes
In the abdominal, throat, and chest
One of the baddest motherfuckers left (you know?)
Still puffin' and lovin' nothin' until my last breath
I only believe it was possible (uh huh)
You ain't nuttin', my, me and amigo friend
They lay in the dugout, pretendin' to be unstoppable
Lost the ego!
Get in the way of my guns
And they ain't got no prob for droppin' you (uh huh)
The best thing for you to do is run
Cuz I'm plannin' on poppin' you
I gotta live my life, my life the middle
Or Da Brat don't get no sunshine

Chorus to end, variations:


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