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Forever Young

Arranger:Iskandar Ismail/Rick Ho/Dick Lee/Sidney Tan

Let's dance in style let's dance for a while
Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not
Let us die young or let us live forever
We don't have the power but we never say never
Sitting in the sandpit life is a short trip
The music's for the sad man
Can you imagine when this race is won
As we turn our faces into the sun
Praising our leaders we're getting in tune
The music's played by the madman


Forever young I want to be forever young
Do you realy want to live forever forever
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And ever
Forever young I want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever forever
Forever young

Some are like water some are like the heat
Some are a melody and some are the beat
Sooner or later they all will be gone
Why don't they stay young
It's so hard to get old without a cause
I don't want to perish like a fading rose
Youth's like diamonds in the sun
And diamonds are forever
So many adventures couldn't happen today
So many songs we forgot to play
So many dreams swinging out of the blue
We'll let them come true


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