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Pidogue-Winter Song

This is the turning of the year
The final scene before the curtain falls
The squirrel warm within his bed of leaves
Can not hear the wind that blows around the chimney pots
He sleeps
Once he was a young man
Who loved in the spring
And lay beneath the upturn sky on long hot summer days
But with autumn he grows mellow
He looks over his shoulder down the long year path of no return
Already he's but a memory fading like a shadow on the wall
But time with restless footsteps hurries by
And now beside the road
There stands the pilgrim of the year to be

Falling leaves turn to gold
Silver flowers on my window
Spirit of the fading year gently slips away
He knows not where
He cannot see

Naked trees in the sky
Stars are Shinning clear and cold
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Minstrel of the ages sings of words so long ago
That age-old tune without a name
No one knows

In the white falling snow
The pilgrim travels on
His face toward the sun
Beyond the open road he travels on
Pass the lamp shinning windows
Faces by the fire
Before the midnight hour
Christmas time has come around again

Go to sleep little child
Go to sleep little child you shouldn't be awake
Go to sleep little child
Time to let the night go by
Waiting for the sound of a magic sleigh
The chimney is not too tall they say
Or the roof too high for a reindeer to fly
No not too high for a reindeer to fly


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