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Cursive writing could be making a comeback in Ohio
It seems everyone has an opinion when it comes to the importance of learning cursive in this day and age. If you thought it was dying out, ...
Ohio students could soon get a lesson in cursive writing
The state doesn't currently require that cursive be taught in schools, and it's not part of the multi-state Common Core standards on which Ohio's ...
Ohio students could learn cursive handwriting again
Generations of Americans who labored to learn cursive handwriting in grade school have seen the skill slip away through non-use. (Photo: AP ...
Mark Patinkin: The handwriting is on the wall for cursive + poll
R.I. Sen. Elaine Morgan is planning a bill that would require schools to continue teaching cursive writing. But this relic of a bygone age seems ...
Feighan: Detroit school charts own path with cursive
Linda Williams picked up a small piece of white chalk in her third-grade classroom in Detroit last week, bent to the board in front of her and ...
Former Tulsa educator creates program, Cursive Logic, to help ...
The lost art of cursive may be making a comeback thanks to the help of former Tulsa educator, Linda Shrewsbury and her program, Cursive ...
Our viewDon't let cursive writing fade away
In a few years, parents won't have to worry about how to keep secrets from their children. They will be able to write it in cursive, drawing ...
State Lawmaker Wants Illinois Schools To Teach Cursive Writing
CHICAGO (CBS) — When was the last time you wrote in cursive? A lawmaker has suggested putting cursive back in the curriculum at Illinois ...
School district debates cursive handwriting
(WKBW) - It's hard to come by a handwritten note these days, and seeing something written in cursive may be even more rare. Some Rochester ...
Is cursive writing a lost elegance?
The Common Core Standards doesn't require cursive writing, leaving it up to the individual states to decide if they want to teach it. Florida ...
Letter to the editor: Cursive writing
I was pleased recently by a Post Register letter in which Linden Bateman wrote about cursive writing. Seems he has been successful in getting ...
To Write or Not to Write? The Cursive Debate
I remember learning cursive with my mom. I don't remember learning it in second grade or something," said Jason Cooney, President of the ...
Cursive handwriting may make comeback in Palm Beach County ...
The art of cursive — the smooth, connected, looped handwriting style that lost its battle with computer keyboarding — may make a comeback in ...
Tulsa educator and entrepreneur helping cursive make a comeback
Korbin Gunn uses his finger to write in the air while working on cursive at Henry Zarrow International School on Thursday. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa ...
For These Chicago Kids, Time is 'Write' for Cursive Clubs
Cursive has fallen out of fashion in many Chicago classrooms. But the time may be 「write」 for a resurgence. 「Ready? Around. Up. Pick up, here ...
Flip the script? Is cursive seeing a revival in schools?
A sample of cursive letters was recently on display in the third-grade classroom at P.S. 166 in the Queens borough of New York. Schools ...
Required writing: Bill would return cursive to classroom
Washington Township Elementary fifth-grade teacher Randy Roberts gives a spelling test were cursive is required on Friday. (Meredith Colias ...
'Can You Write in Cursive?' 2nd Graders' Survey Goes Viral
graph_viral.jpg When Kara Porter's 2nd grade class began studying graphs and charts this week, she decided to post a survey of her students' ...
Is cursive writing still important?
Eight-year-old Colby Fowler, of Wilton, practices writing in script during the March 9 session of Wilton Library's Cursive Writing program.
Forum deals with growth, teaching cursive, sprawl
Helen Wade, right, gives her opening remarks while Paul Cushing, Jonathan Sessions and Robin Dianics wait to speak at a League of Women ...
Still value in learning cursive handwriting
Why make elementary age students tediously learn how to write printed and cursive letters when they won't use them anyway? Maybe because ...
Write this down, cursive matters | Letter
Excuse me, Rudy Ellis, (March 14 Op-Ed) but cursive should still be taught. I don't think it necessary to spend a lot of time and practice to have ...
Letter: Glad for item on cursive writing's comeback
There are many of us adults who have been very concerned and saddened by the trend to stop including cursive writing in the elementary ...
School districts keeping cursive alive in Nebraska classrooms
As thumb prints and online signatures replace the old John Handcock, should students still be required to learn cursive hand writing? One Kearney, Nebraska ...
The lost art of cursive writing
Brody Spencer, 8, takes great effort to move his pencil on the paper. His strokes are slow and methodical. He's not easily distracted. Who would ...
The return of cursive writing: master stroke or exercise in nostalgia?
I was thinking about how difficult it has become to maintain good penmanship in the internet era. When I was in grammar school, just about all ...
Proposed Bill Would Require Teaching Cursive
Parents alarmed by the realization that their teenagers cannot decipher cursive handwriting have inspired one Illinois lawmaker to propose ...
VIDEO: How Important Is Cursive?
PICKENS COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Many believe cursive writing is becoming a thing of the past. In many schools across the country it is not part ...
Cursive nice, not necessary | Rudy Ellis
Using a book encyclopedia today is synonymous with the continued teaching of cursive: its usefulness has been defeated by efficiency.
Rapid City teachers push cursive with students in the digital age
Third graders at Pinedale Elementary Schools are practicing their handwriting skills, specifically cursive. Even though writing in cursive can be ...
Family Matters: To cursive or not to cursive
I have become aware that not one of my four grandchildren knows how to write in old-fashioned cursive script. Their parents tell me it is not ...
Sea grant, mortgage interest, cursive and wiretaps
It's still relatively early in the federal government's budget-writing process: Numbers could change, in a hurry. ... With that said, though, ...
Capital News: Should we teach or curse cursive handwriting?
Looking online now, I guess that particular way of teaching cursive handwriting was falling out of fashion by then, but my teachers apparently ...
Guest editorial: Teachers, let it be written in cursive
Yes, you read that correctly: One of the oldest human technologies — handwriting — is mounting a comeback. Once a fixture in American ...
Cursive handwriting retains support from some Tuscarawas Valley ...
Sophia Wicker, a third-grade student in Sharon Maholm's class at East Elementary in Dover, practices her cursive handwriting Thursday.
Cursive's Tim Kasher Releases An Answer For Everything Video ...
Cursive's Tim Kasher Releases An Answer For Everything Video was a Top 10 story on Tuesday: Cursive and The Good Life frontman Tim Kasher has released ...
Not letting cursive die
From Debby Kaucher: 「I, too, feel that cursive is a needed requirement in schools. Handwriting is unique and valuable. Receiving a handwritten ...
Cursive writing not mandatory, says state board
Dispelling all confusion regarding cursive writing in schools, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, in a ...
Campus Cursive looks to bring Mercer more love letters
President of Campus Cursive Rebecca Braun sits and reads one of her favorite letters in the courtyard of the Mary Erin Porter residence hall.
Ohio legislators propose bill to mandate cursive proficiency by fifth ...
Rep. Andrew Brenner, a Republican from Powell, Ohio and Rep. Marilyn Slaby, a Republican from Copley, Ohio have introduced a bill in the ...
Cursive bill unnecessary for elementary curriculum
On Feb.8, the Miss. Senate passed bill SB2273, which would require cursive writing to be included in the elementary curriculum. Students are ...
Bay Ridge parents applaud return of cursive writing
Public school students will get the chance to learn some old-school ways of writing. Eagle photo by Paula Katinas ...
Pen to Paper: Law brings cursive writing back to the classroom
When it comes to writing, digital devices make it easy and fast. They even serve as the spelling police, and the convenience causes more and ...
Why we should teach cursive writing to all kids
When Jack Lew was nominated to be Treasury secretary in 2013, President Barack Obama joked that as a condition of the appointment, Lew ...
COUNTERPOINT: Should cursive writing be taught in public schools?
I know how to read and write in cursive. My mother made me learn when I was in third grade, and I willingly did so because I was promised a ...
2016 Artist Survey: Tim Kasher of Cursive
For Under the Radar's 14th annual Artist Survey we emailed some of our favorite artists a few questions relating to 2016. We asked them about ...
The Lost Art of Cursive Writing
FLINT (WJRT) - In this digital age, is it necessary for children to learn cursive writing? For the past few years, schools didn't place much ...
Indiana bill could make cursive mandatory in classrooms
An Indiana lawmaker is doing what she can to keep cursive in schools, despite ... State school officials decided to make cursive lessons optional back in 2011.
Bill mandating schools to teach cursive passes Indiana Senate
One lawmaker is continuing her cursive writing crusade, hoping the Legislature will finally sign off this year on mandating that schools teach it.
Proposed bill would require Nevada students to learn cursive writing
Don Gustavson is using history as his guide as he again attempts to require Nevada students to learn cursive handwriting by the end of third ...
Indiana Senate signs off on cursive bill, which faces a House test
One lawmaker is continuing her cursive writing crusade, hoping the Legislature will finally sign off this year on mandating that schools teach it.
Indiana Senate signs off on cursive bill again
INDIANAPOLIS - One lawmaker is continuing her cursive writing crusade, hoping the Legislature will finally sign off this year on mandating that ...
Cursive writing bill in #msleg
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A bill moving through the legislature could require all Mississippi schools to teach cursive. Educators ...
Despite push to scrap cursive writing, schools stick with it
And in the age of the internet, does knowing cursive writing matter? Legend says that Hancock signed the Declaration flamboyantly "so King ...
Is Cursive Writing Obsolete?
Cursive is not part of the Common Core Standards but can be taught at the discretion of individual school districts. Many opt not to. So when it ...
City schools battle over cursive writing
A group of principals in the city has taken up cudgels on behalf of primary students who are reportedly struggling with cursive writing. They want ...
THE PORT RAIL: Is cursive handwriting necessary in this age?
Writing cursive, or "longhand" as we used to say, is, I quickly discovered from a short search on the Internet, a hot topic among educators.
Send out best wishes and cursive kisses via letter-writing experts
Send out best wishes and cursive kisses via letter-writing experts. more lifestyle Updated: Jan 07, 2017 08:39 IST. Lavina Mulchandani Hindustan Times.
WA lawmaker proposes mandatory cursive in schools
Currently students in Washington are not required to learn cursive writing, but a bill introduced Wednesday by Senator Pam Roach would ...
Keeping cursive writing alive in today's schools
This rhyme is how the third graders at Aspen Ridge Elementary learned to make the lowercase cursive I. The students recently began their ...
Curse the decline of cursive
On recent topics suggested for comment, if I see a penny on the ground I stoop to pick it up unless it's muddy or badly corroded. 「Respect the ...
The teaching of cursive writing not extinct in local schools
The art of cursive writing has almost ceased in schools around the country but California and a few other states are keeping it alive.
Cursive comeback: Will Washington join handwriting revival?
Arizona will require public schools to teach cursive handwriting as one of a number of new education standards. The requirement was recently ...
Cursive writing included as part of new standards
PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona will require public schools to teach cursive handwriting as one of a number of new education standards approved by ...
Is Cursive a Dying Art?
Melinda Higbee has four children in the Garrison School District. The youngest, a fourth-grader, can't write in cursive or sign his name, and ...
Why You Should Be Demanding Cursive in Your Child's School
When we were kids, cursive was taught in every school. I will never forget Mrs. Barry, my second-grade teacher, who was hardcore about ...
Cursive writing makes comeback in schools
It's becoming more of the norm because of the recently enacted Alabama law called "Lexi Law" requiring all public schools to teach cursive ...
Cursive writing makes comeback in Alabama schools
The state of Alabama has a law on the books mandating public-school students learn cursive handwriting by the completion of the third grade.
Is Cursive Handwriting Over? Not Here
Northview Public Schools, MI — In Mary Lou Ohnsman's class, the first step to learning handwriting is closing your eyes and putting your head ...
Should Schools Still Teach Cursive Writing?
The new Common Core State Standards do not require students to learn cursive script. As a result, states and districts are debating whether or ...
Oblique Angles: Cursive writing goes the way of the dodo bird
When was the last time you found a handwritten letter in your mailbox? There was a time when people actually wrote letters. In cursive!
Why Don't the Common-Core Standards Include Cursive Writing?
Should schools teach cursive handwriting? The question is an impressively polarizing one in the K-12 education world. One of the most widely ...
But If You Don't Learn Cursive, How Will You Read the Declaration ...
If pen retailers and state legislators are to be believed, cursive handwriting is facing an existential threat. Since the advent of the Common Core ...
Is learning to write in cursive important?
Is learning to write in cursive important? Updated 10 min ago; (0). You voted: Yes. No. Vote View Results. Back. What Others Are Reading. Maysville enters ...
Cursive: An Unconventional Art Form
Silently cursing all teachers after third grade who preferred printing to cursive—thus rendering my cursive handwriting good enough, but not ...
In today's tech world, is there still a need for cursive writing?
Seen as a side effect of technology's gain on classroom instruction, cursive writing is something that is quickly disappearing from the curriculum ...
If only Buddy Ray had known cursive
Tara used her most carefully constructed cursive handwriting to express her sentiments of deep love and devotion to her beau, Buddy Ray ...
So kids will learn cursive writing. Does it really matter?
That's what I'm giving the state of Alabama for its new law requiring that cursive writing be taught in public schools. It's not a stellar idea, but it's ...
Districts test waters with cursive instruction
Cursive writing has been mostly dropped from schools throughout the state, but several New Jersey legislators are fighting to bring it back, and ...
Editorial: States getting cursive writing back in schools
A student practices writing in cursive at St. Mark's Lutheran School in Hacienda Heights, Calif., Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012. Bucking a growing ...
Law requires cursive writing for public schools
1, will require cursive handwriting to be taught by the end of third grade in all state schools. In Montgomery Public Schools, knowing how to ...
New state law requires cursive to be taught by the end of third grade
A memo was sent out to all superintendents across the state. It told them if schools are not teaching cursive, it needs to be added to their ...
Alabama law to require cursive writing in state schools
Lexi's Law, which requires cursive writing to be taught by the end of third grade in all state schools, will go into effect on Aug. 1, the Montgomery ...
Lexi's Law means cursive writing stays alive in Alabama
1, will require cursive handwriting to be taught by the end of third grade in all state schools. In Montgomery Public Schools, knowing how to ...
Once all but left for dead, is cursive handwriting making a comeback?
Cursive writing was supposed to be dead by now. Schools would stop teaching it. Kids would stop learning it. Everyone would stop using it.
La. to Require the Teaching of Cursive Through Grade 12
Starting in 2017, Louisiana students will learn cursive writing in 3rd grade—and they'll keep getting instruction on it through graduation.
Commentary: Writing in cursive, it's all about respect
And then there's writing in cursive. Who does it anymore? For that matter, who writes with a paper and pen anymore? Think about it, writing in ...
Cursive, Criteria, Columbia Vs Challenger top Hear Nebraska ...
In honor of the kinship between local music and local craft beer, Hear Nebraska and Zipline Brewing Co have partnered to bring together five ...
Oklahoma Rep. requests study of cursive writing in state
OKLAHOMA CITY —Is cursive writing still relevant and needed in Oklahoma? Oklahoma State Rep. Ann Coody, a former educator and Chair of ...
Jerry Donnelly — From cursive to texting, we've traveled a long way
I thoroughly dislike having to sign my name on those credit card screens. They are everywhere and they challenge my fastidiousness when ...
Cursive Writing: Thing of the Past or Necessity?
Education Clarksville, TN – In 2014, the Tennessee Legislature passed a law that cursive writing had to be taught in public schools.
Decline in cursive writing lamentable
I have lamented for years the decline in practice time of cursive writing techniques. Sure we can say that operating a keyboard is of more ...
Wichita museum workshops to teach cursive handwriting
WICHITA — The Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum is holding a series of workshops to teach cursive writing and its importance in ...
Catholic board seeks to clarify cursive instruction
Whether students lack the write stuff without instruction in cursive handwriting is a matter of debate. While cursive writing lessons are no longer ...
Students honored in cursive writing contest
ROME, N.Y. - Teachers, parents, students and board members all gathered in the gymnasium of Clough Elementary School to recognize kids ...
RABBLE ROUSER: Stop taking away basics like cursive
Re: 「Don't require cursive in schools」 (Our View, May 24). There are people who see no need for teaching cursive in our schools and therefore ...
Bill that mandates cursive clears final hurdle
Cursive writing would be a requirement starting with the 2017-18 public school year under a bill that won final legislative approval Tuesday.
Lawmakers want students to learn cursive writing again
Mizell says her bill was prompted by a land surveyor who said he was having trouble finding younger people who could read the cursive on ...
LETTER: Cursive deserves informed discussion
The May 23 editorial 「No need to force cursive pennmanship」 was incorrect when it stated, 「Let districts decide for themselves whether cursive ...
Cursive writing mandate in final stretch
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A proposal to require the teaching of cursive writing in Louisiana's public schools is near final legislative passage, ...
LETTER: Cursive should be taught and mastered
Re: 「Don't require cursive in schools」 (Our View, May 24). The logic you espoused in stating that cursive handwriting has fallen out of style due ...
The Benefits of Cursive Writing
Our fifth grade son's handwriting is horrible. We can't read a word he writes, not even on homework assignments. He can't read them either ...
Bid to mandate cursive writing nears final approval
A bill that would require the teaching of cursive writing in public ... in the state, do not teach cursive writing now and need time to prepare.
House-backed cursive writing bill nears final passage
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A proposal to require the teaching of cursive writing in Louisiana's public schools is near final legislative passage, ...
Classroom cursive revived in House
BATON ROUGE — Can your child sign her name in cursive? How many of you are proficient with the cursive "Q"? A bill nearing final passage ...
GOOD NEWS: OCH students win cursive handwriting contest
Children in 18 schools across 13 states submitted entries detailing why they think cursive is cool. Other topics for the contest included why do ...
Cursive or print – which form of writing do you prefer?
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – How often do you use cursive? Probably not as often as you once did. Many think that cursive started fading away ...
St. Mary's Catholic School announces cursive contest winners
St. Mary's Catholic School recently announced the 16 winners in the third annual Cursive is Cool International Cursive Writing Contest.
Handwriting by Glen Head girl, 9, is prize-winning cursive
Third-grader Cecilia Saad, 9, is seen in class at The Green Vale School Thursday afternoon, May 19, 2016. Cecilia won a national competition ...
Cursive writing ignored in classrooms
Mrs. Laura Allen is the third grade teacher at St. Anthony Cathedral School. She's been a teacher for 32 years and this year, she's been ...
CCISD: Not enough time to teach cursive handwriting
Students all around the Coastal Bend took the STAAR test last week. With so much focus on preparing students for the STAAR, some districts are spending more ...
Abington Community Library offers Cursive Club for students in
Jack Arnold concentrates on a chart at one of the practice stations during Cursive Club after school at the Abington Community Library.
Cursive writing
Cursive writing is an outgrowth of using a quill and inkwell. The connected letters of cursive writing helps minimize the number of times the quill ...
Minnesota 4th grader's cursive wins national handwriting contest
Red Rock Elementary School fourth grader Ella Erickson was chosen as the fourth grade winner of the 2016 National Handwriting Contest.
Legislation to require teaching of cursive writing clears House panel
A Senate-passed bill to require that cursive writing be taught in public schools won approval Tuesday in the House Education Committee.
Legislation to require teaching of cursive writing in Louisiana clears
Chris Broadwater, a Republican, praised legislation Tuesday, May 17, 2016, that would require the teaching of cursive writing in public schools.
Readers write: Bernie Sanders, tax reform, cursive writing
Readers write: Bernie Sanders, tax reform, cursive writing ... His March 7 essay, 「In praise of cursive writing,」 was no exception. Having taught ...
Letters: Senator's proposal to teach cursive in school a waste of time
Beth Mizell's, R-Franklinton, to require the teaching of cursive writing in the third grade in the school system shows how far our Legislature has ...
Opinion: Marty Carlson – House should favor cursive writing bill
Last week the Louisiana Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 275 which would require that cursive writing be taught in the state's public ...
Should cursive writing in schools be mandatory? La. Senate thinks so
A state senator from Franklinton wants Louisiana students to study cursive writing — a skill their parents most likely take for granted. If passed ...
Local artist is making sure the skill of cursive handwriting doesn't fade
According to the law, children who are in public school have to be able to create readable documents through legible cursive handwriting by ...
Is history going the way of cursive writing?
Yes, the study of history in our schools seems to be joining cursive writing as obsolete subjects in our educational system today.」 ***. In recent ...
Learning cursive: New ways to teach writing to students
That's one of the reasons teachers from across the state gathered Saturday morning in Grand Rapids to learn new ways to teach cursive.
Should cursive be required in Louisiana schools?
NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - We all learned it in school, but is it still relevant today? A new bill is moving its way through Baton Rouge, and if ...
Senate passes cursive writing exercises proposal
The Senate Education Committee Thursday unanimously passed a proposal that would require cursive writing exercises starting in the third ...
Bill Mandating Cursive Writing in Elementary School Advances in
A bill mandating cursive writing instruction in third grade passed unanimously in Louisiana's Senate Education Committee, bringing to the ...
Why advocates say schools should still teach cursive writing
GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Mastering typing and computer skills is deemed by many educators as more useful for preparing students for a ...
Instead of cursing cursive, Bonnie concedes its value. Algebra? Not
Oh, how I remember those cursive lessons, third grade, C.E. Rose ... governor mandating that students know how to read and write in cursive.
Students learning cursive writing
LYNDEBOROUGH - In spite of computers and learning to properly use a keyboard, cursive writing is alive and well at Florence Rideout ...
Voices: Louisiana's students should be learning cursive
When I read The Daily Advertiser's coverage regarding the possibility of cursive writing returning to the classroom, several interesting events ...
Our Views: Cursive bill should be written off
Beth Mizell, a Franklinton Republican, is sponsoring Senate Bill 275, which would require that 「cursive writing shall be taught in all public ...
Supporting, but not approving, a requirement to learn cursive
KINGMAN - Texting and typing may be the new normal way to communicate in writing, but cursive writing is still taught, enjoyed and relevant in ...
Arizona students do not have to learn cursive to make it to sixth grade
Doug Ducey on Thursday vetoed legislation that would have mandated that schools include cursive reading and writing in the curriculum.
Should Schools Be Required to Teach Cursive Writing?
Senate Bill 1197 would have required schools to teach cursive handwriting. Although the bill passed both the House and the Senate, Governor ...
Will cursive make a comeback in Louisiana schools?
Beth Mizell, R-Franklinton, has proposed a bill that would require schools to teach cursive writing. The bill is pending discussion by the Senate ...
Common Core Sees Learning Cursive Writing Unnecessary
It has been reportedly said that one of the Common Core State Standards proposal is to eliminate the learning of cursive writing in the whole ...
Gov. Doug Ducey vetoes bill, erasing hopes of cursive revival
He writes in cursive, but Gov. Doug Ducey doesn't want a stand-alone law to require it for Arizona's students, vetoing a bill requiring schools to ...
Attention, students: Cursive writing could become requirement in
A student types on a laptop after finishing a cursive lesson in Gen Bentley's third-grade class at Bannockburn Elementary School, September ...
Readers write: tough on crime laws; innovation and climate; cursive
Congratulations for the wonderful reporting in the March 14 online article 「Why many black voters don't blame Hillary for tough-on-crime laws」 ...
Bill requiring students to know cursive sent to Ducey
Doug Ducey would mandate that schools include cursive reading and writing in their curriculum. Specifically, students would have to show by ...
Cursive writing is a beautiful art form; why stop teaching it?
He looked at it and said to me, "I cannot read this, it is in cursive and I did not learn it in school."I came to realize that in some school districts ...
County school board recognizes DC cheerleaders, hears cursive
The Dyer County Board of Education recognized DCHS basketball cheerleaders for winning their second straight World Championship title.
Weekend workshops hope to rescue elegant but dying art of cursive
Handwriting Without Tears is heading to Calgary this weekend offering two unique workshops to help teach cursive writing to young kids.
Learning cursive is beneficial
We're glad the state's new College and Career Readiness Standards for English Language Arts requires Mississippi educators to teach cursive ...
Cursive writing bill advancing through legislature
Campaign for Cursive chair Gayna Scott (right) and volunteer Nancy Cohen talk to the Continental Cursive Club about the benefits of cursive ...
In praise of cursive writing
I am a volunteer mentor in our local middle school. Recently, while working with my excellent young man, I wrote him a note regarding an ...
Cursive writing instruction shares time with modern educational needs
Taryn Sabo, a second-grade teacher at Holy Family Regional School, teachers her students how to write cursive letters. Photo courtesy of Holy ...
Teaching cursive in schools draws passion from both sides of issue
FILE: A third-grader practices her cursive handwriting assignment in a ... Teaching cursive in schools — or cutting that from he curriculum ...
Cursive writing de-emphasized in schools but still has a place
Elementary school students still learn cursive, usually starting in second ... some schools stopped teaching students how to write in cursive.
Cursive writing class in Lake Wylie open to all
Pine Grove Christian Academy, 5415 Highway 557, is offering an Introduction to Cursive Writing Class for all ages starting Feb. 8. The five ...
Should students be required to learn cursive handwriting?
Lawmakers are considering a bill that would make the instruction of cursive writing mandatory in all Washington state schools. KING-TV reports ...
African-American History month event focuses on cursive writing
collincolleges Jan. 28, 2016 — As fewer and fewer schools teach cursive handwriting, society is losing more than the ability to understand the ...
Cursive Writing: Lawmakers Pushing Mandatory Lessons For Techie
Cursive writing has become a lost art among technology-reliant students and some lawmakers want to change this. (Photo : Getty Images).
Cursive writing in need of a rebound
First, cursive is faster than printing letters, so a student's time can be spent more efficiently if he or she is writing in cursive rather than ...
Column: Cursive letters and tomorrow
By writing I mean hand writing the old fashioned cursive letters of the alphabet. The idea of setting pen to paper is outdated. Emails, texting and ...
Cursive might as well be hieroglyphics these days
Cursive might as well be hieroglyphics these days. By Keith Lawrence Messenger-Inquirer; Updated 10 hrs ago; 0. A few weeks ago, a middle school student we ...
John P. Cardie: An anti-cursive-ite!
We reserve the right to remove any comment that violates our ground rules, is spammy, NSFW, defamatory, rude, reckless to the community, etc ...
Somewhere over the rainbow, Cursive imagines 「Dorothy At Forty」
In Hear This, A.V. Club writers sing the praises of songs they know well. This week: some great songs with prominent literary references.
After touring with Cursive, Philly's Beach Slang to perform at
The Beach Slang frontman and his band — JT Flexner on drums, Ed McNulty on bass and Ruben Gallego on guitar — toured with well-known ...
Should We Learn To Write Cursive? An Education Expert Weighs In
Most post-school conversations I've had about learning cursive reflect more of the same, with a few shaky hypotheses thrown in the mix.
Band of the Week: Cursive
The show: Cursive with Bellum Boca at 9 p.m. Monday at O'Leaver's Pub, 1322 S. Saddle Creek Road. $5 at the door. About Cursive:.
School considers dropping cursive writing lessons for students
Her mother Kendra Floyde, who is also a teacher, says Timmerman was determined to learn the skill after noticing cursive lettering around her.
In defense of Council's cursive writing campaign
In response to the flurry of articles and social media messages I received regarding my defense of cursive writing in our schools, I, as vice chair ...
Cursive is good for the brain
Cursive writing is a brain skill — it is a valuable small-muscle exercise leading to hand/eye co-ordination, left-right body orientation and ...
Opinion: Cursive Writing Obsolete for Digital Society
Educator Weston Kincade, English teacher at the Akron Digital Academy, weighs in on the cursive writing debate to offer his opinion on why ...
Heyday of cursive writing is over: Weston Kincade, Akron Digital
Guest columnist Weston Kincade has been teaching middle and high school English since 2005. He currently teaches at Akron Digital ...
Learning to write in cursive has far-reaching benefits: State Rep
Guest columnist State Rep. Cheryl Grossman is serving her fourth term in the Ohio House of Representatives. She represents the 23rd House ...
Is cursive the write stuff for kids today?
HOWLAND - Second-graders in Rachel Skoczylas' class at Howland Springs Primary School cheered when she told them it was time to ...
Cursive Labs gets $2.2M to Start and Scale Tech Ventures
San Diego, CA-based Cursive Labs was built on a founding principle to create better ways to start and scale valuable tech ventures.
Keep teaching cursive writing, for it strengthens minds
I read some things recently that re-affirmed my suspicions about losing lessons on handwriting in school ( and ...
John Foreman: The lost art of cursive handwriting
If you can read the picture accompanying this column, you are one of a diminishing number. It may very well be that your son — or your ...
Write Your Own Column: The demise of cursive
The most ridiculous rational I ever heard for cursive came from my second-grade teacher. She said, 「Cursive makes it so that you can write ...
No heartbreak over loss of cursive handwriting
Those of us who have long been humiliated by inept longhand-writing should be grateful that cursive is being pushed aside by keyboards.
SC Lawmakers Reconsider Old-School Cursive Writing
Many schools dropped cursive writing as computer use spread, and South Carolina hasn't required it since 2008. A state Senate panel ...
Cursive fading out of the curriculum but one local teacher keeping it
Texas state standards only require cursive writing be taught in the third grade. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the state ...
Cursive writing may be a thing of the past
Many say it's just a sign of the times schools placing less emphasis on cursive and handwriting in general. At Holy Infant School it's a different ...
Pinckney barring a return to cursive
COLUMBIA — Jasper County's Sen. Clementa Pinckney is blocking a bill that would require South Carolina school children to write in cursive ...
Cursive writing re-emphasized in digital age
Kaylah White, 6, is a rising first-grader at Suder Elementary. She attempts to write in cursive like her mother who is also a teacher at the school.
In Defense of Cursive
A fascinating article in The New York Times this week suggests that cursive may have benefits beyond attractive penmanship. As the author ...
Object (Im)Permanence: Cursive Handwriting
Cursive handwriting, also known, depending on your country, as joined-up writing, print script, running writing or handwriting: all terms arising ...
DailyDirt: Should Touch Typing Replace Cursive?
I had to write cursive in elementary school and junior high. I never ... Cursive had a place once, but it has been obsolete for half a century.
SC Dept. of Education makes error in cursive writing bill calcul
HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The South Carolina Department of Education admitted miscalculating the cursive writing bill. The department ...
Some lawmakers want to make cursive handwriting a school
If cursive becomes law, the Department of Education would likely foot the bill, starting in 2015. But some educators are against it, saying ...
SC Dept of Ed releases new cost of teaching cursive
"We made a mistake in the fiscal impact statement today on the cursive writing bill before the SC Sen. Ed. Cmte - we're working to correct it".
South Carolina bill would require cursive instruction by fifth grade
The measure would mandate cursive instruction by the fifth grade. But some lawmakers questioned the more than $27 million price tag for ...
Gladstone: Misreading the debate over cursive handwriting
Shanika Duverneau practices cursive writing at Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Stamford on Thursday, May 8, 2014. Photo: Lindsay Perry ...
Senators Balk at Cost for Cursive Writing
Doesn't anyone realize that what we call "Cursive" is ONLY ONE FORM of script writing? And that it's very far from the best of them? Other forms ...
Special report: Is cursive handwriting a fading skill?
During a lunch period at Ridgeview High School, I gave four students a test: Write, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" -- in cursive.
Does learning cursive matter? Perhaps more than you think
Because so many adults still communicate in cursive, perhaps what's needed is a transition period during which students still learn to read it ...
Five Reasons Kids Should Still Learn Cursive Writing
The woman explained that her son's history teacher was writing homework assignments on the board in cursive—and her son couldn't read ...
Lindsey Poisson: Cursive writing a craft worth cherishing
My grandmother is one of a handful of people I know who still write in a practiced and precise cursive. In a time when e-mails, texts, Instagram ...
Handwriting lovers work to preserve cursive education in schools
Lori Bychinski takes pride in neat, cursive handwriting. 'I think I inspire some of the girls,' she said about her students. 'But not so much the boys ...
Handwriting lovers work to keep cursive alive in schools
Lori Bychinski, an eighth-grade English teacher at D.C. Everest Junior High School, mourns the loss of cursive handwriting. / Contributed photo ...
Good riddance, cursive!
As PBS NewsHour notes, the school day has filled up with Common Core preparations and fewer and fewer schools teach it, opting to ditch the ...
Is cursive handwriting slowly dying out in America?
A draft of the Declaration of Independence as prepared by Thomas Jefferson's, features notes from Benjamin Franklin. The official version ...
How cursive can help students with dyslexia connect the dots
Marilyn Zecher, a language specialist at the Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center in Rockville, Maryland works with Alec Falconer and ...
Is cursive handwriting a dying form of communication?
Third grade teacher Lolita Flanders will soon teacher her students to write her Word Wall Words in cursive. / Laura Simon ...
J'apprends l'écriture cursive
Serpodile lance la v2.0 de son app "J'apprends l'écriture cursive" J'apprends l'écriture cursive est une application d'apprentissage de l'écriture ...
Why some schools still insist on lessons in elegant cursive
Starting in the 1970s, and under the recent implementation of the Common Core, a former pillar of elementary education has been largely ...
Losing the art of cursive writing
Kindergartners leaned over their desks, squeezing their pencils as they wrote the letter they had just learned: T. Start at the top line, pull straight ...

Revive Revamps Bottle Design To Showcase Ingredients
The wrap-around paper labels have been dropped in favor of a clear plastic look that features a new logo in hand-drawn cursive lettering ...
Demi Lovato Shows Off New Tattoo After Becoming a "New Person ...
Demi Lovato took to Instagram Stories on Monday to share her new tattoo, which says "free" in cursive writing on her pointer finger. This is far ...
Sudbury Town Hall hosting 'A Day in the Life of a New England ...
Nearly every page was covered top to bottom in neat, cursive script. The only personal information about the diary's author appeared on the ...
MY TURN: Thomas Noer
「What sort of key board do you use for 'cursive'?」 「Enough. We should go home and have a Green River. I have some copies of Life, Look, and ...
5 old-school skills that kids should learn from their grandparents ...
Plus, research indicates writing in cursive is still an important skill. When writing in cursive, students activate different parts of their brains, ones ...
Ohio House Passes a Bill to Create an Elementary School Teaching ...
The House has overwhelmingly passed a bill to adopt a model curriculum for schools to use to teach cursive handwriting to elementary school ...
Leif Bilen: Deciding what to keep
The following list of examples contains both the good and not so good of the past: carbon paper, card catalogs, handkerchiefs, cursive writing, ...
How They Voted: 6/24
H.B. 58: Requires cursive handwriting instruction in public schools (goes to the Senate). Sponsors: Reps. Andrew Brenner (R., Powell), Marilyn ...
The Ohio House is back to work: Here are 24 bills it just passed
COLUMBUS, Ohio—The Ohio House had a busy session last week, passing two dozen bills on topics ranging from teaching cursive ...
Ohio lawmakers: Develop curriculum to teach handwriting
... passed a bill Wednesday that would require the State Board of Education to develop a curriculum model for instruction in cursive handwriting ...
First lady makes unannounced visit to detention center holding ...
... A drawing of a flowering plant, a butterfly, a hummingbird and a heart, with the words, 「New Hope, We Love You All, Staff」 written in cursive.
Traditional or simplified Chinese script? Issue divides Hong Kong ...
Many simplified characters, however, are based on the cursive script, a beautiful style of calligraphy with a long and venerable history.
Good News — Friends who would have been strangers
I remember sitting in class and writing the letter in cursive. My name must have been included in the pen pal section of that magazine, because ...
Mightier Than The Sword
Beyond celebrating the pen, the local convention's mission involves other objectives, according to the press release: 「to promote cursive ...
Dark, feminist and fiery: Amber Tamblyn and her debut novel, 'Any ...
... an adorable 「Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants」 poster with her character's name (Tibby) scrawled in cursive with an exclamation mark.
What Will Handsome Morocco Coach Hervé Renard Do Now That ...
... to your grandmother and poof her security deposit box is empty and her last will and testament simply says Hervé in massive cursive letters.
Dan Kelly: Writing about not writing in Reading, Berks
Letter writing suffered a potentially fatal blow when public schools stopped teaching kids to write cursive. Cursive is the fancy name for basic ...
'I'm drawn to strong women'
... which Stripe amassed hours of interviews and boxes of cuttings, play scripts, photographs and personal letters embroidered with Dunbar's cursive scrawl.
Bacon, milkweed take center stage on Illinois House floor
A mandate requiring cursive to be taught in elementary school and high school was introduced but didn't get the votes needed to pass. Another ...
Don't ignore the writing on the wall
Less time doing cursive writing diminishes underlying skills such as fine motor skills, strength, motor planning and muscle strength, all of which ...
LETTER: Easton should hold Curriculum Committee meeting
Local education concerns have included phonics — lacking in early grades, cursive — not 「mastery,」 and math — framed in difficult ways to ...
Richard Bammer: In the 'keyboarding' era, will handwriting skills fade?
Several states, including California, Massachusetts, North Carolina and South Carolina, decided to make cursive instruction mandatory as part ...
Ryan Lane Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Promote Perfect ...
Laguna Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2017 -- Clinical studies have proven that people who practice longhand cursive writing far outperform others who use ...
Commissioner of Education visits area schools
TUPPER LAKE – The cursive nameplates adhered with Scotch tape to the front of the desks in Tracy Klossner's class were a little misleading ...
This Might Be Persona 5's Biggest Translation Fail
One day while you're in class, the teacher shows you a Japanese character written in a cursive, free-flowing hand, and asks you what the ...
2 women to face voter fraud charges
... vote and signature on file appeared to match, but the mail ballot had a printed 'A' instead of the expected cursive 'A,' 」 the investigator wrote.
Police sought to retrieve firearms from man later accused of ...
In neat cursive, she also wrote on the form, "he has several guns." Howard County judges issued temporary protective orders against Dominick ...
Signature Writing
If I could, I would write you this by hand. But the world has changed greatly since I went to school and learned how to write in cursive. I'll write ...
Happiness is a 'warm fuzzy.' So, this reader sent me 8
Her cursive note filled nearly both sides of a wide-ruled sheet of notebook paper. Esther wrote that she was a retired fourth-grade teacher.
State Superintendent Rejects Budget Vote, Despite Paterson BOE ...
... no additional Substance abuse counselors, no cursive writing for all students, special education concerns, facility improvements and so much ...
Long-serving Southington BOE member, teacher Zaya Oshana dies ...
SOUTHINGTON — As a Board of Education member, Zaya Oshana urged the importance of teaching cursive writing to students. It wasn't a ...
Q&A: How will colleges look at son's roller coaster grades?
Our son is in the fifth grade and doesn't know how to write in cursive. He can read it, but actually writing in cursive was taken out of the school ...
Why digital natives must still learn handwriting: so they can pass ...
Additionally, it has been shown that cursive writing helps children ... cursive writing can feel confusing and a little overwhelming to start with.
Is the pen mightier in Attleboro-area schools?
Third-grader Brogan Asselin practices making letters using cursive writing during Paula Bedard's class at St. John the Evangelist School in ...
Columnist John Moore: Times are changing
A few years ago, I heard that cursive writing was no longer being taught in schools. I suspected (incorrectly, it seems) that maybe that was a ...
TEST SPIN: Greg Graffin — Millport
Our grade school teachers only existed in construction paper covered classrooms, between cursive writing lessons and popcorn reading.
Letter to the Editor: Cutting educator positions is a bad move
We teach our kids how to take a test, but not how to write cursive. We have failed in so many ways with our children in a scholastic sense.
Lincoln resident keeps neon signs alive in Nebraska
Consider the B in the cursive version of the Budweiser logo, the one that's got that swoopy tail that whips itself into an oval on the left side of the ...
HERB BENHAM: Mistreat feet and expect some sole-searching
Her letter was penned in cursive, which dates somebody but dates them in a good way. 「Dates them」 when manners mattered and people ...
20 Rumors Surrounding Lady Gaga's Headlining Coachella ...
... sturdy, gelatinous substance that is supposedly going to spell out, "BUY JOANNE ON ITUNES" in a cursive or cursive-adjacent-style font. 13.
The writing on the wall
However, I do not understand why our school systems today do not see the need to teach cursive writing. To the dismay of my parents, my ...
Editorial: Thanks for the emails
And my wife was right, a lot of people still like to write in cursive and they ... "Cursive is easy for kids to learn, we should be looking for ways to ...
The Corner
In yesterday's Impromptus, I had a note about cursive, and those who are wanting it to make a comeback. Let me share a letter from a reader:.
Letter to the editor: #RESIST&FIX
Tias could teach cursive writing. Grandmas having measurement lesson plans for biscuits or biscochitos. Carpenters teaching fractions with ...
In 1999, a hint of 2016, &c.
Gratifying news, at least for me: Cursive is making a comeback. Yes ... Moreover, 14 states now require their students to be proficient in cursive.
Tim Kasher Hides No Sorrow On 'No Resolution' (ALBUM REVIEW)
Tim Kasher has long been a bastion of the emo-folk scene out of Omaha spearheaded by Conor Oberst. In his primary project, Cursive, Kasher ...
Mark your calendars: BCR forums
Today is the second in two-part series I wrote on cursive handwriting. It was really a fun series, and I appreciate all who spoke with me on the ...
Amanda Lamb: Write it down
I've heard a lot of discussion lately about how unfortunate it is that children are not taught to write in cursive anymore. Basically, the only time ...
Q&A on the News
A: Cursive writing is included in third and fourth grade ELA (English ... A cursive handwriting instruction document provided by the state in 2016 ...
NSP waives requirements for trucks traveling to aid areas impacted ...
As thumb prints and online signatures replace the old John Handcock, should students still be required to learn cursive hand writing?
Journal Junction for February 25
How are they going to write their signature if they took cursive writing out of school? We pay the teachers good money out of our taxes to teach ...
Are Kids No Longer Learning Multiplication Tables in School?
I guess there's not as much need for cursive anymore, except for signatures, but even those are going digital. Sounds like your cursive writing ...
Veteran shares tips for success with Warhawk Battalion cadets
Learn to write in cursive.」 Hearn recommended setting several career goals and then communicating with people in those fields. 「Find out what ...
2016 Artist Survey: Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak and Flock of Dimes
... Boxed In, Caveman, The Charlatans, Cursive, Lucy Dacus, The Dears, C Duncan, Sadie Dupuis of Sad13 and Speedy Ortiz, Dutch Uncles, ...
Common Sense: President's Day
One change for the better is a decision by the NYC Department of Education to encourage the teaching of cursive once again in our city ...
Hear Cincinnati Podcast: Saving Fiona's life, JK Schaffer arrest and ...
... former Bengal J.K. Schaffer's arrest and strange court appearance, Busken Bakery's Fiona-inspired cookies, a bill to require cursive writing in ...
Wilton Bulletin Board
Cursive Writing, Thursday, March 2, 4-5, Wilton Library. Children ages 9 and up will read, write, and create a craft with their cursive skills.
POV | Darts and Laurels - WDRB 41 Louisville News
Our first laurel goes to our state lawmakers who want to re-institute a requirement for kids to learn cursive again. I understand that learning ...
The real story here is …
This is news because this proposed new law follows by just a few years a law created by this same legislature, which eliminated cursive writing ...
Readers sound off on the homeless, free tuition and the Mets
Fresh Meadows: The recent statement by NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña that cursive writing skills are going to be reintroduced into ...
Rise & Shine: Meet the principal working to improve a Harlem ...
SIGN THIS Opinion: New York City schools should teach cursive writing. ... Editorial: Bringing back cursive writing to city schools is the right call.
Dying handwriting art makes a comeback
Naomi Epstein, who gives her age as 「retired schoolteacher,」 taught for many years the dying art of cursive, and its diminishment bothers the ...
St. John's keeps its curriculum 'old school'
Cursive writing was removed because of its declining use and the ... Students at St. John's start learning cursive and fast math in second grade.
THE VANISHING LINE: Is handwriting obsolete?
The Common Core Standards, which list all of the skills a student must be taught up to grade twelve, do not mention Cursive writing. It's up to ...
Civil Rights in the 1960s: Women Sang Out, but Remain Largely ...
... the Constitution from memory and requiring signatures in cursive writing. (The officials administering the tests were often illiterate themselves.) ...
Keeping up appearances
Looping cursive script scribed in royal blue pen adorns a pristine white page. Atop the paper, there is a date and underlined title. There is not a ...
Finishing what is started…
He preferred printing to cursive writing, a trait of his older son as well. For the first time, I really see those coins, appreciating the fact they are ...
WWI comes alive in letters from Indy children
The latter reflecting the loops and cursive style no longer taught in many schools. Wilma Moore, senior archivist of African-American History ...
Band Practice Confidential: Secrets From a Typical Houston ...
... without hours of rehearsals. Writing your name in lights here can't happen without the repeated fits and starts that lead to a flowery cursive.
JOCK, JAMES O'BARR, More Chip In for Art Collective's SLAVES ...
... and Casey Dilorio (Midlake), with music contributions by members of Cursive, Psychedelic Furs, Sarah Jaffe, White Denim and True Widow.
Pot party: Las Vegas welcomes Willie Nelson's new marijuana ...
... select from about two dozen tattoo designs, including Willie Nelson's name written in cursive and a caricature of the country singer's face.
Clarkson Academy is a historic gem
For the past three years, the academy has also hosted a summer camp and cursive writing classes. Thanks to the Clarkson Historical Society ...
Town Crier: Thursday's Highlights
... comprehension, spelling, grammar, writing skills, math facts, and problem solving. Cursive writing and penmanship are also emphasized.
Six West Feliciana students complete dyslexia training program
The students must be familiar with cursive writing and must be in fourth, fifth or sixth grades when starting the program and must not have ...
Legislator committed to education
Senate Bill 86 would require schools to teach cursive writing. This skill is essential for students, since cursive writing has been proven to ...
2016 Artist Survey: Kathy Foster of The Thermals
... Boxed In, Caveman, The Charlatans, Cursive, Lucy Dacus, The Dears, C Duncan, Sadie Dupuis of Sad13 and Speedy Ortiz, Dutch Uncles, ...
Chicago celebrates Barack Obama as a game-changer People at ...
The back of her black T-shirt carried a message in blue cursive letters: 「We miss you already.」 Lonnae O'Neal is a senior writer at The ...
A 1930s Mississippi schoolhouse turns into a New Orleans art ...
Her team makes those fabulous cursive-filled signs announcing band names and food tents. Then, when the fest wraps up and the Acura stage ...
Stoned tagger admits and explains his graffiti, police say
Officers initially were dispatched about 3 p.m. to 1335 Ferry St. where the purple cursive letters were applied to a DirecTV satellite dish, city ...
WWII airman's family hopes for closure, new clues 7 decades after ...
Siegrist, 19, wrote in neat cursive that he'd gotten into an Army flight school in which he would learn to become a gunner and earn his wings.
Why you don't need to know how to bake everything
... easy,」 her cursive encourages across the top of the index card). I don't want to bake more than this; I definitely don't want to bake everything.
5 predictions for wine lovers in the coming year
At June's, master sommelier June Rodil uses a format with a zany handmade, comic-book look -- handwritten wine names in loopy cursive, ...
Taking care of business
Crest worked on learning a new font, a cursive style she saw on an Absolut vodka bottle. 「I'm in love with this font,」 she said. Co-owner Bill ...
At epicenter of heroin crisis, little Powell County makes big decision ...
... Pastor Brad Epperson's desk at the Clay City First Church of God is a list of goals for his small congregation written in a looping cursive hand.
Susan Ladd: Beauty and brutality of nature rendered in ice
Back at the house, my hands still numb and red from the cold, I grabbed a pencil and wrote it down on notebook paper in big, loopy cursive.
Leising, Lyness, and Raatz coming to Brookville
Leising has already authored several bills for the 2017 session regarding education including one to require schools to teach cursive writing, ...
All black everything when Pitt basketball faces Clemson Jan. 28
All-black shirts and shorts with the cursive logo in a dark gray, with gold numbers and Nike swooshes. Perhaps it's a bit surprising that Pitt ...
Parent Discover Night at Wheaton Montessori School
Two preschoolers at Wheaton Montessori School in Wheaton, IL, displaying their cursive writing skills during a typical morning at WMS. (Posted ...
My 2017 education legislation
Senate Bill 86 would require schools to teach cursive writing. This skill is essential for students, since cursive writing has been proven to ...
Why it said 'Love' in the sky over Chino
The result wasn't an exact copy of the stamp because Stinis could not replicate the cursive letters in the stamp. He settled for cursive letters that ...
Elementary Principals Report to Board of Education
West Broadway Elementary School Principal Amy Smith said there has been an emphasis on cursive handwriting this year. Smith said all elementary schools ...
Friday's Sound Off
I'd like someone to explain to me how progress is being made by taking cursive handwriting out of the schools. I recently gave my high honors ...
And we're still a long way from April Fool's Day
He has a plan — to require schools to teach cursive writing. He also says ... And if they decide cursive is important, they can teach it. Miles and ...
The Bulletin goes electronic for 2017 & beyond
... are almost dinosaurs as today's schoolchildren who cautiously wield a writing instrument find it easier to print words instead of using 「cursive.
Something to write home about
The stamp art depicts the word 「Love」 written in white cursive script against a blue sky. Underlining the word is a swirl of white smoke. A small ...
Classified 1980s British memos on Japanese princes released
The letter, handwritten in cursive style, reads, 「I still remember the happy time I spent in Great Britain and the kindness you extended to me ...
Forget emojis, 2017 is the year to improve your penmanship
No wonder it had such a good run, lasting until the 1950s when a couple new kids showed up on the cursive block. Eventually, and perhaps ...
Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary
Tim Kasher of Cursive. "I made up my first kiss so that my friends would think I was cool. I even typed up a fake story about my family's beach ...
Pilot scrawls happy New Year message to world
In November, a pilot used the service to write "Hello" in cursive, visible to Flightradar24 users. Another pilot was reported to have used the ...
These are the best on-ear Bluetooth headphones I've tried for under ...
Both ear cups have the word "Marshall" written in the same cursive font that you'd find on any of their products. It didn't bother me much, but it ...
Why it's impossible to tell the full story of women's rights without ...
The notion of strolling through a physical mall is starting to feel old-fashioned, like barbershop quartets, or writing in cursive. This is how people ...