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NewDay【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 29 首歌 】
Newday是由Newfrontiers教會家庭組織的一年一度的基督徒青年節日。 該活動自2004年8月成立以來,針對12至19歲的年輕人,無論是基督教徒還是非基督教徒。
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Newday Live 2014 英文
1.Nothing But the Blood [feat. Jordan Dillon]
2.Forever [feat. Jules Burt]
3.Oceans [feat. Jorge Mhondera]
Forever, Now 英文
1.Fill Me Up
2.Hallowed Be Your Name
5.Through the Fire
Newday Live 2012 英文
1.The Mercies of Our God
2.Can It Be?
3.Where the Spirit of the Lord Is
暫存 英文
1.Nothing But the Blood - Live
2.We Are Yours ((Live))
3.Righteousness of God
4.Psalm 40
5.Holding On
6.Amazing Grace - My Chains Are Gone
7.Sun of Righteousness
8.All I Want
9.Forever (Live)
10.You Have Won Me
11.Our Father
12.Alive With Worship - Live
13.I Believe - Live
14.You Died for Me
15.My Soul Is Well
16.You Died for Me (Live)
17.Alive with Worship (CWBY Remix)
18.10,000 Reasons

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