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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手MILK INC.
MILK INC.【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 104 首歌 】
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Undercover 英文
2.Broken Strings
3.Rain Down On Me
4.Ride Like the Wind
5.Touch Me
6.The Fear
7.We Found Love
8.I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
9.Fairytale Gone Bad
10.Bette Davis Eyes
11.Ready To Fly
12.Your Friend
13.Wicked Game
14.Sweet Child O' Mine
15.Uncovered (Intro) (提供)
16.Sweet Child O' Mine (Radio Edit) (提供)
17.Scared of Yourself
18.La Vache 2013 (Radio Edit) (提供)
19.Covered Up (Outro) (提供)
Nomansland 英文
2.If You Only Knew
4.Dance 2 Forget
6.New Beginning (In Your Arms)
10.Can't a Girl Have Fun
11.Throwaway Boy
Milk Inc. 英文
1.Walk on Water (H₂O radio mix)
2.Land of the Living (radio mix)
3.Never Again (single mix)
4.Livin' a Lie (video edit)
5.For No Reason
6.Sweet Surrender (feat. Tony Hadley)
7.Oceans (Pulsedriver radio mix)
8.Losing Love (radio edit)
暫存 英文
1.Walk On Water
2.La Vache
3.Time Has Stood Still (提供)
4.The Sun Always Shines On TV (Full Version)
5.Breathe Without You
6.Go To Hell
7.Walk On Water (Peter Luts Remix)
8.No Angel
10.I Don't Care
11.La Vache (Praga Khan 7-Inch Vocal Version)
12.Wide Awake
13.Sweet Surrender
15.Land Of The Living
16.Boy Meets Girl
17.Inside Of Me
18.Don't Cry
19.In My Eyes (DJ Philip remix)
20.Free Your Mind
21.In My Eyes
22.Livin' A Lie
23.Losing Love
24.Never Again
26.Inside Of Me (DJ Philip, Wout & Jan Remix)
27.The Sun Always Shines On TV (Kontact Mix)
28.The Sun Always On TV
29.Forever (Michael Beltran Remix)
30.Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (extended)
31.Land of the Living (Coast to Coast Remix)
33.Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
34.I'll Be There (La Vache 2011)
35.Oceans (Pat Krimson remix)
36.Tainted Love (Levelicious radio edit)
37.Life In Your Suitcase
38.La Vache (Vibro Dwarfs mix)
39.Promise (DJ Philip Remix)
41.Forever (extended mix)
42.Storm (Vinss-T Arousal Radio Edit)
43.Chasing the Wind
44.Tonight (Live Version)
45.Guilty (Matt R. Remix)
46.Chasing the Wind (radio edit)
47.Race (Vandøren Og Vanhøyland Drom remix)
48.Free Your Mind (Roadrunner's 7' vocal mix)
49.Don't Say Goodbye
50.Things Change
51.Forever (Radio Edit)
52.Oceans (Uht Radio Mix)
53.Run - radio edit
54.Blackout (Ryan Thistlebeck Instrumental Radio Edit)
55.Time (radio edit)
56.The Sun Always Shines on You
57.In My Eyes (remix)
58.Living a Lie
60.The Sun Always Shines on TV
61.Inside of Me (DJ Philip, DJ Wout & DJ Jan remix)
62.Losing Love (DJ Wout remix)
63.Whisper (radio edit)
64.No Angel (radio edit)
66.Oceans (DJ Philip remix)

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