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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Magnolia Electric Co.
Magnolia Electric Co.【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 70 首歌 】
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Josephine 英文
1.Knoxville Girl
2.Heartbreak At Ten Paces
3.Map Of The Falling Sky
4.The Handing Down
5.Hope Dies Last
6.Song For Willie
9.The Rock Of Ages
10.An Arrow In The Gale
What Comes After the Blues 英文
1.The Night Shift Lullaby
2.Hard To Love a Man
3.Give Something Else Away Every Day
4.Hammer Down
5.I Can Not Have Seen the Light
6.Northstar Blues
Trials & Errors 英文
1.The Dark Don't Hide It
2.Don't This Look Like the Dark
3.Such Pretty Eyes for a Snake
4.Almost Was Good Enough
5.North Star
6.Ring the Bell
7.Leave the City
8.The Last 3 Human Words
9.The Big Beast
Sojourner 英文
1.Montgomery (Echo Park Full Band Demo)
2.The Old Horizon
3.Trouble in Mind
4.Roll the Wheel
5.Take One Thing Along
6.Shiloh Temple Bell
7.Night Country
8.Texas 71
9.Nashville Moon
10.And the Moon Hits the Water
12.A Little at a Time
15.What's Broken Becomes Better
16.The Black Ram
17.In the Human World
18.The Spell
Hard to Love a Man 英文
2.Doing Something Wrong
3.31 Seasons In the Minor Leagues
Fading Trails 英文
1.Talk to Me Devil, Again
2.Don't Fade On Me
4.The Old Horizon
5.Memphis Moon
6.Spanish Moon Fall and Rise
7.Steady Now (提供)
Daytrotter Session 英文
1.Arrow in the Gale / Josephine
2.Lawyers, Guns and Money
3.Little Sad Eyes
2005-07-05: Malmö, Sweden 英文
1.I've Been Riding With the Ghost
2.What Comes After the Blues
3.Lonesome Valley
4.Montgomery Bound
5.No Moon on the Water
6.Just Be Simple
7.Hold on Magnolia (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Werewolves Of London
3.Down the Wrong Road Both Ways
4.Northstar Blues II
5.It's Made Me Cry
6.O! Grace

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