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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Cuby+Blizzards( Cuby & The Blizzards )
Cuby+Blizzards( Cuby & The Blizzards )【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 85 首歌 】
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Collected 英文
1.Another Day Another Road
2.Hobo Blues
3.Distant Smile
5.Too Blind to See
6.Thursday Night
7.Night Train
8.Appleknockers Flophouse
9.Checkin Up My Baby
10.Window of My Eyes
11.Back Home
12.Your Body Not Your Soul
13.Simple Man
3 Originals 英文
1.Let's Make It
2.Baby Please Don't Go (Back to New Orleans)
3.Trippin Thru a Midnight Blues
4.Feelin Low Down
5.I'm In Your Corner
6.Hobo Blues
7.Five Long Years
8.King of the World
The Universal Masters Collection 英文
1.Appleknockers Flophouse
2.Night Train
3.Seasons Come and Seasons Go
4.Evil Woman
5.Help Me
6.Go Down Sunshine
7.Thursday Night
8.Too Blind to See
Groeten uit Grollo / Trippin' Thru a Midnight Blues 英文
1.The Big Bell
2.So Many Roads
3.King of the World
4.No Shoes
5.Another Land
6.Big Blue-Eyed Girl
7.Going Home
8.Feel So Bad
Cuby’s Blues: The Best of Cuby + Blizzards 英文
1.Distant Smile
2.Down the Road
3.Gin House Blues
4.Just for Fun
5.Things I Remember
6.Little Red Rooster
7.Crying Tears
8.Another Day, Another Road
9.The Sky Is Crying
10.Somebody Will Know Someday
11.Five Long Years
12.I'm in Love
Cats Lost 英文
1.Blues Is a Bad Habit
3.Baghdad Blues
4.Peabody Hotel Room #13
5.Devil Made Religion
7.More Than I Could Ask For
Appleknockers Flophouse 英文
1.Unknown Boy
2.Disappointed Blues
3.Midnight Mover
4.Black Snake
5.Wee Wee Baby
3 Originals (disc 2) 英文
1.Simple Man
2.The Faker
4.Gave You My Word
5.Pawn Broker
6.The Way I Feel
7.I'm Drinking My Whisky
暫存 英文
1.Night Train - Live At The NOS Studio 3 Hilversum / 1974
2.When I'm Honest
3.Easy to Leave Hard to Forget
4.There Ain't No Real Perfection
5.Dust My Blues
6.Maybe We'll Need Another War
7.My Old Jimmy
8.Low Country Blues
9.Mama Won't You Buy Me a Dream
10.Desolation Blues
11.Perfect Song
12.Time passed me by
13.Brother Booze
14.Windows of My Eyes

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