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Christ for the Nations Music( 基督為國家音樂 )【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 60 首歌 】
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Worship Collection, Vol. 2 英文
1.Revelation Song
2.Your Love Is Unconditional
3.I Love the Lord
4.The Lord Reigns
5.Jesus What a Savior You Are
6.When I Think About the Lord
7.Alabaster Jar
Upside Down 英文
1.Because of You
2.Unto the Lamb
3.You Are Holy, Lord
Uncreated One (Live) 英文
1.Deep Cries Out (Live)
2.Nowhere Better (Live)
3.Deeper Places / Lord I Want to Know You More (Live)
4.God I Look to You (Live)
5.Show Me Your Ways (Live)
6.Falling Back in Love Again (Live)
7.You Are Exalted (Live)
Spirit Come 英文
1.I Worship You, Almighty God
2.It Is Your Love
3.And That My Soul Knows Very Well
Responding 英文
1.Deeper Places (feat. Gabriel Allred)
2.Burning Ones (feat. Gabriel Allred)
3.Son of God
4.Deeper Places
5.Burning Ones
Perfect Love (Live) 英文
1.Wonderful God
2.I Give You Glory
3.He Is (Live)
4.Perfect Love (Live)
5.You Deserve It All (Live)
6.You Are Holy (Live)
Overtaken 英文
1.Love Song
2.Glory Come Down
3.So Beautiful
4.My Beloved
5.When I Speak Your Name
6.Take My Life and Let It Be
Mighty River 英文
1.I Belong to Jesus
2.Come As a Might River
3.We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory
4.Draw Me Nearer to You
Glorious 英文
1.No Sweeter Name
2.The More I Seek You
3.My Romance
Desperate Hour 英文
1.Be Blessed
2.So Good
3.Have Mercy Once Again
4.You Are God Alone
暫存 英文
1.To Him Be Glory
2.Freedom (Live)
3.Spontaneous Worship (Live)
4.Pursuer of My Soul
5.That Is Why
6.Break Me for the Nations (Live)
7.He Is God
8.I Give Myself Away (Reprise) [feat. Gabriel Allred]
9.Oh the Blood of Jesus (White as Snow) (Live) [feat. Gabriel Allred]
10.Transform (Reprise) (Live)
11.Seek Me and Find Me
12.There Is No Striving (Live)

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