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Yellowman( Winston Foster )【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 73 首歌 】
Yellowman(Winston Foster)是牙買加的雷鬼和舞廳,也被稱為King Yellowman。 他在20世紀80年代在牙買加很受歡迎,他突出了一系列確立了自己聲譽的單打。

出生: 1956 年 1 月 15 日,牙買加京斯敦
全名: Winston Foster
配偶: 羅西·福斯特 (結婚於 1985 年)
子女: 卡瑞馬·福斯特
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Reggae Anthology Young, Gifted and Yellow 英文
1.Mad Over Me
2.Top Form (提供)
4.Soldier Take Over With Fathead
5.Lost Mi Love
6.Mister Chin
7.Mr. Wong With Fathead
8.Herbman Smuggling With Fathead
9.Eventide Fire (提供)
10.Operation Eradication With Fathead (提供)
11.Out Of Hand (提供)
12.Them A Fight I (提供)
13.Death Of Barnabas (提供)
14.King And Queen With Sister Nancy (提供)
15.Yellowman Getting Married
16.I'm Getting Divorced With Fathead
17.Morning Ride
18.Night Flight (提供)
19.Water Rock With Fathead (提供)
20.Duppy Or A Gunman (提供)
22.Who Can Make The Dance Ram
23.Quiet (提供)
24.Bunn The Kutchie (提供)
25.The Girl Is Mine With Peter Metro (提供)
26.Ram Jam Master Aka Wreck A Pum-Pum (提供)
27.Body Move (提供)
28.Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
29.Galong Galong Galong (提供)
30.Walking Jewelry Store (提供)
31.Gregory Free (提供)
32.Jah Mek Us Fi A Purpose With Sister Nancy (提供)
33.Love Struck (提供)
34.Rub A Dub A Play With Fathead (提供)
35.Rub And Go Down (提供)
36.Bam Bam With Fathead (提供)
37.One Yellowman Ina The Yard With Fathead (提供)
38.Strong Mi Strong
39.Blueberry Hill
40.Where Is Santa Clause With Mrs. Yellowman (提供)
Yellowman Reggae Live Sessions 英文
1.Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt - Live
2.Mr. Chin - Live
3.Yellow Like Cheese - Live
4.Jamaica Nice - Live
Yellowman Live in Paris 英文
1.Carolina - Live
2.Blueberry Hill - Live
3.Who Can Make the Dance Ram - Live
4.Lost Mi Love - Live
5.Strong Me Strong - Live
6.Mister Chin - Live
7.Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt - Live
King Yellowman 英文
1.If You Should Lose Me/You'll Lose a Good Thing
2.Mi Believe/Summer Holiday
3.Still Be a Lady/Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do
4.Reggae Calypso
暫存 英文
1.Watch It
2.A Man You Want
3.Getting Married
5.Natty Sat Upon the Rock
6.Jamaica a Little Miami
7.Society Party
8.Wrong Girl to Play With
9.Zunga Zeng
10.We Wish You a Reggae Christmas
11.Love Letter
12.War, War, War
14.Letter to Rose
15.Letter to Rosey
16.Find Yourself
17.Santa Claus Never Comes to the Ghetto

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