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XO-IQ【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 69 首歌 】
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Tomorrow Is Ours 英文
1.Walk That Walk
2.Jump to It
3.Rock the Show
5.Like a Machine
6.Situation Wild
7.Music's All I Got
8.You Make It Better
9.Where Our Hearts Go
10.Good Karma
11.Back to Me
12.We Doin' It
13.Tomorrow Is Ours
14.Make You the One
Make It Pop: Video Stars 英文
1.Situation Wild - Acoustic Version
2.Video Stars
3.Situation Wild - Acoustic
Make It Pop: Summer Splash (Music from the Original TV Series) 英文
1.Gonna Be Lit
2.We Got It
4.Misfits - Summer Remix
5.Skillz - Summer Remix
Make It Pop, Vol. 4 英文
1.United (Who We Are) [Flange Squad Remix]
2.Do You Know My Name - Jodi & Corki Reprise
3.Make It Pop (St-Thomas Random Remix)
4.Light It Up (Flange Squad Remix)
5.How I'm Made (Flange Squad Remix)
6.Superstar (St-Thomas Random Remix)
7.Girls @ (St-Thomas Random Remix)
8.Looking for Love (Flange Squad Remix)
9.Let's Make a Change (Shebrock Remix)
Make It Pop, Vol. 3 英文
1.Get It Right - CP Remix
2.Skillz - Flange Squad Remix
3.Friday Night (St-Thomas Random Remix)
4.Get It Right (The CP Remix)
5.Spotlightz (Dr. R Remix)
6.Do It (Flange Squad Remix)
7.Now I Am Here (Fashion Mix)
8.The Rules (Dr. R Remix)
10.What Love Is About (DaCapo Remix)
11.Looking for Love
Make It Pop, Vol. 2 英文
1.Luv Em Boys
2.How I'm Made
3.Girls @
4.Do You Know My Name
5.Friday Night
6.What Love Is About
7.Let's Make a Change
8.The Rules
9.My Girls (Dr. R Remix)
Make It Pop, Vol. 1 英文
1.Light It Up
2.Get It Right
4.Now I Am Here (Superstar Mix)
5.Do It
6.United (Who We Are)
7.My Girls
8.Make It Pop
9.Party Tonight
All the Love 英文
1.All the Love
2.Jing, Jing, Jingle
3.Deck the Halls
暫存 英文
1.Party Tonight - Single
2.Now I Am Here (Superstar Mix) - Single
4.Put It All Together

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