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Spirit Break Out 英文
1.Spirit of the Living God (提供)
2.Undivided Love (提供)
3.Wake Up
4.Counting on Your Name
5.For Your Glory
6.Heaven's Roar (Spontaneous) (提供)
7.Wait for You (提供)
8.At Your Name (提供)
9.Saviour of the World
10.Spirit Break Out
Set Apart 英文
1.The Way (feat. Tim Hughes) - Live
2.Stand Up (feat. Luke Hellebronth) - Live
3.Can't Stop Your Love (feat. Ben Cantelon) - Live
4.Set Apart (feat. Tim Hughes) - Live
5.Pursue Me (feat. Luke Hellebronth) - Live
6.Worth It All (feat. Ben Cantelon) - Live
7.Dead Things to Life (feat. Ben Cantelon) - Live
8.Singing Over Us (feat. Karen Gillespie) - Live
Mercy Road 英文
1.All That Matters
2.Praise The Lord (Evermore)
6.He Lives
9.To God Be The Glory
Let It Be Known (Live) 英文
1.Ready For You (Live)
2.Draw Me Close(Live)
3.Set Me Free (Live)
4.Our Generation (Live)
5.Hallelujah (Live)
6.The Constant (Live)
7.Guardian (Live)
8.Kingdom Coming (Live)
9.Dry Bones (Live)
10.God Most High (Live)
11.Let It Be Known (Loop Track)
Set Apart (Live) 英文
1.Can't Stop Your Love (Live)
2.Worth It All (Live)
3.Enough Light (Live)
4.Dead Things to Life (Live)
暫存 英文
1.All That I Am (Spontaneous Song) (Live)
2.Worth It All (Original Master Recording Demonstration)
3.Let It Be Known (Live)
4.The Cross Stands (Live)
5.The Same Power (Live)
6.Spirit Break Out (Live)
7.Awesome Is He (Low Key Trax Without Background Vocals)
8.Happy Day
9.Ashes To Beauty
11.Stand Up (Live)
12.Pursue Me (Live)
13.Your Cross is Enough (Live)
14.Set Apart (Live)
15.Let Go (Live)

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